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Type of a scam Employment

The company name is Strike Consults from Ottawa, ON phone# 1.888.569.8450 or 1.613.413.6014. I applied for a job on Workopolis for an office Admin assistant. Sam Peters sent me a email to tell me that they had reviewed my resume and they wanted to offer me the job. They told me that I don’t have to interview for the job because anyone can do well on a interview and my there resume look good but they was going to give me a job an put me on a 90-days probation. The job pays $1,000 a week after taxes and getting paid bi-wkly. Monday-Friday 9-5 with all benefits included. He stated they were expanding the company in my city and would be officially open March 1st but i was to work at home for the month of February until everything was finalized. He also sent me n email telling me he was going to send a check for me to buy the office supplies and inventory that is needed but never once told me the address or much information on the company.

Sam also told me to contact him via email as soon as i received the check and that i was to report to him only and wait for further instruction. Red flags – I couldn’t find information about the company online, google cannot find anything about the company and the address is some random building, he ask for my address which is on my resume (and he stated he had) and know company is going to send you money to buy an entire office worth of inventory.

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