synchrony bank

Marie –

Victim Location 99027

Type of a scam Identity Theft

My husband received 2 credit cards in the mail that he had not applied for. He immediately cut them up. A week later we received a letter in the mail from Synchrony Bank saying to call them as soon as possible and to use a one time passcode to verify that it was my husband. This time my husband called the bank only to learn that someone was using that account and had been charging large amount. They have a $0 Fraud liability and would not tell us how much was charged, but we pulled up my husbands credit report and learned that the bank had opened an account for $20,000 line of credit and $18,000 had been charged.

Everyone needs to know that if you receive an unsolicited CC call the bank immediately. Unauthorized charges hurt the bank. We have changed all our passwords to our bank accounts and put a freeze on our credit bureau account.

Nicolas –

Victim Location 92705

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I cannot obtain credit because the bank is saying I am deceased. Every credit card is denied.

Cassandra –

Victim Location 55337

Type of a scam Credit Cards

On my credit report, TJ Maxx was reported. I don’t have that account. Yesterday, a post card came regarding a PC Richard account, which I have never heard of. It is a "promotional" offer for financing at retailers. Both are Synchrony bank credit cards. No contact information except "Call the number on the back of your card."

Adrian –

Victim Location 53807

Type of a scam Credit Cards

got notice of change of address for a credit card I don’t have and when I call custumer service number first thing they want is your social security number. hopefully I don’t have a card out there being used in my name.

Christian –

Victim Location 38478

Type of a scam Phishing

Called multiple times and requested me to enter my account or SSN. I don’t have an account with Walmart. When I spoke to a representative she immediately asked for my social security number. I told her I want to know who she’s calling for and she asked for my phone number. She then stated "do you know anyone by the name of " and then said something I couldn’t understand. I said nothing in response. So this number is incorrect for unintelligible name again, to which she was expecting me to say yes, but I hung up instead.

Cindy –

Victim Location 37363

Type of a scam Debt Collections

text message notifying me a payment has or had not been received without me having made any recent purchases that would require payment

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