South Eastern Building Products

Janet –

Victim Location 27616

Total money lost $225

Type of a scam Other

I responded to an ad on craiglist posted on 1/31/2020 about a salvage metal sheet roofing sold for $1.00 linear foot. Upon arrival i was helped by an employee that told me that if i bought the salvage material by pound i was going to pay 50cents for linear foot. she showed me sheet metal wrapped in packages. so i chose two packages, the material was irregular size, but for 50cents a linear foot it was a bargain. at least that’s what i thought. they ended charging me around $1.80 for linear foot. i called them and told them that one package had 20 sheets of about 10 to 11 foot average, and the other had only 15 sheets with sheets of around 8 to 11 foot. in total about 350 lineal foot and i was charged about $1.80 lineal foot.the weight was 1,132 pounds so i thought that i was getting over 550 lineal feet. when i got home and i checked the material i got a calculator and realized i had been scamed, called them and explained the situation nicely, they told me that there was no returns on salvage. and to my insisstance to speak to a manager they told me to wait till Monday. they advertised salvage material for $1.00 lineal foot, so by pound or lineal foot shouldn’t be more than $1.00. in case they might try to blame the employee. its an scam regardless. i paid $605.62 HELP!!! I was scamed!!!! they know, many of the people that respond to this ads are poor people, looking to save money not to be scamed. Wrong balance is an abomination before GOD!!!! Especially to the poor..

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