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Rachel – Jan 03, 2021

Terrible company. Trick you into thinking you can get golf balls for $1.00 and end up charging your credit card $49.99 each month and would not work with me to get it taken off. I would be happy to send the sleeve of balls back which we’ve now paid $100 for. Poor customer service.
Dissatisfied in every way. Times are hard not for people struggling to make ends meet and we are senior citizens. Don’t think this company has a conscience.

Regina – Dec 21, 2020

Same scam as above, discovered when I reviewed the monthly credit card statement. First, the $1 golf balls weren’t worth the sleeve they were packed in. Called the number on the credit card line item — 877-8771900NV . “Carl Jones” answered. He said I had signed up when calling for the balls. I denied it and said no infomation came packed with the golf balls. He immediately agreed to cancel the account effective today, so no next month fee. First offered new products. Then offered a 30% refund. Then got “special permission” to offer a 50% “immediate” refund to the card if I agreed on his recorded line not to file a complaint with our bank. A scam worthy of Trump University!

Alberto – Dec 03, 2020

Same scan as everyone else,except never even received any golf balls…just got billed $49.95 for absolutely nothing.Is anyone able to get there money back or stop this?

Megan – Nov 20, 2020

Scammer’s phone 877-877-1990

Scammer’s website swingbits.com

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Initial means of contact Email

I signed up for “free” Calcutta golf balls to try them out, once I received confirmation that they had shipped I unsubscribed. However, the only thing they unsubscribed me from was receiving their emails and continued to take $49.99 a month using my credit card.

Robin – Oct 23, 2020

Yes I would like to cancel at this time it was 1$ trial for sleeve of balls an now they charged me 50$ so I would like to have this as a scam

Carl – Aug 26, 2020

Complete scammer took my money out of my bank account right away and when I tried to cancel the next day they wouldn’t give me my money back it was a free golf ball promotion but those golf balls ended up costing me $50 For three balls😖

Jake – Jun 03, 2020

I read the experience after getting charged $49.95 same scam

Miguel – Apr 22, 2020

I too bought the golf balls for $1.00
Today (22 April 2020) I was billed $49.99
Whom do I call to cancel and or get my money back?
I’m sure I’m not the only. person that this has happened.

Johnny – Mar 03, 2020

Victim Location 95125

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I bought a sleeve of Calcutta golf balls offered for one ( 1) dollar. When I checked out they I offered a second sleeve for 6.99. I bought that too on 2-3-20. On 3-1-20 my credit card company notified me of a new charge of $ 49.99 on 3-1-20. After talking with them I told them I did not authorize a 49.99 charge and the credit card co then declined the charge.

Today I contacted swing Bit and informed them of their fraud. They said they would cancel the charge and cancel my account. They are running a scam on Facebook. The 49.99 charge apparently was attached to the $ 1 charge for first sleeve of balls. It paid for one year’s membership. I never saw that mentioned ever and if I had would have declined. Total scam.

I told the I am a member of a well know private club in my area( San Jose Ca) and I was going to take the sleeve of Calcutta balls and put it in the Pro shop with a note to watch out for the scam

They should be prosecuted for running thus scam.

Donna –

Victim Location 21733

Total money lost $109.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered free 3 golf balls and was charged $1.00 shipping 6 more balls for shipping and handling and $6.99

no mention of a subscription or I didn’t see it, thought it was a sales offer to buy some of their balls 6/27 billed $49.99

7/28 $49.99 8/25 $49.99

this a what we seniors ,they offered no explanation on what the charges were for are putting up with and it is time to arrest these scammers ,after a long telephone call with the complaint,they gave me on 8/27 $15.00 credit on ref *** and same day $15.00 credit ***, this, is all that was refunded

they still owe me $109.97 ,they are pretty slick pulling the wool over a 76 year old senior

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