Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Reviews - Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Scam or Legit

Arthur –

Victim Location 04062

Total money lost $195

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Advertised free trial. Fine print stated needed to cancel within two weeks of order to not be charged. Product arrived after 3.5 weeks of order. Credit card charged $190. When called to cancel/reverse charges, response was pretty much too bad you did not call to extend trial w/in two week time frame. I was told I would get a $100 Visa gift card credit. Total **. I submitted to the my "award" certificate in July 2016. Just found out today when I called, b/c they have not responded to the 3 emails I have sent that I need to buy products through their online mall to earn rebates, then I can cash in my rebates. Total SCAM. DO NOT buy from this company. Back in July or so I also received a call another time to accept a "free" gift of a supplement. I had to say no, so many times then had to hang up b/c the person would not listen.

Tyler –

Victim Location 98136

Total money lost $99.95

Type of a scam Credit Cards

My bank called me Oct 13 and told my that suspicious charges were made on my card. They said that Supreme Garcinia .com charged me $99.95. Never ordered it and don’t even know what is. Had to google it just to find out and saw all these reviews indicating that buying this product online is a big scam. Needless to say, I had to cancel my debit card and wait a week for another one. And still waiting to be refunded after making this a fraudulent claim. Please do something about this product. It scares me that was so easy for them to do this and it put me out a lot for nothing.

Marco –

Victim Location 55906

Total money lost $7.60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia 7308 S. Alton Way Centennial Colorado 80112. Purchased through advertisement on FB for 30 day supply for $4.95 s&h fee. I was charged another $1.99 for what I do not know, AND .04 and .02 for international fees! There was nothing on the entire page about their 14 day trial, then charging $99.95. I purchased mine on the 28th of Jan. this company starts your 14 days the day you purchase even though you do not have the product! After my bank called about the charge of $99.95, I went to their website and that has you will be charged $79.85 after the 14 days which includes shipping! So why am I getting charged an extra $20.10. This company has very fraudulent practices!

Lacey –

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Credit Cards

these people offer a free trial of this diet suppliment, then charge your credit card hundreds of dollars!!!! i highly advise stearing clear of this scamming company

Phillip –

Total money lost $61.62

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Supreme Garcinia Cambogia said shipping for the trial products is just $4.95 USD ($6.69 CDN) for shipping but they charged me another 1.99 for something I don’t know and I call back to cancel it, they not only charge me for the shipping and $1.99 USD ($2.68CDN), and they also charged me $38.71 USD ($52.05CDN) for Cancellation fee!

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