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Alexandra –

Victim Location 36263

Type of a scam Employment

I received two letters referencing Store Assignment ID No: MS19198-29770. Each letter contained a check addressed to me in the amount of $1,877.12. Instructions are that I deposit check within 48 hours and text deposit receipt to sender. Further instructions require that I keep $300 as commission, send a cashiers check for $37 to American Kidney Fund, keep $30 for gas, and $1,500 for second part of survey. $10 is remaining for mailing fee. 1st part of assignment is to send the charity donation and 2nd part Is to purchase eBay gift cards in the amounts of $100 up to $500 each from a number of stores such as Kroger, CVS, Target, Walgreens, and many more suggested retail sites. The letter does not specify where these sites are located exactly but they do have a list of questions to be answered anonymously as part of each store evaluation. The eBay gift cards are to be scratched off and I am to take picture of all receipts and codes to send to Phillips Davis, Supervisor at the number above. I have taken no action other than I did email the sender that I am not interested in their proposition. A copy of one letter and one of two checks is attached.

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