Support Tech

Hillary –

Victim Location 54129

Total money lost $219

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had called thinking that I was calling apple support. Well I somehow got connected to these foreign people and I stupidly let them into my computer. I paid them $219 to fix my computer. I know it wasn’t fixed because it had still had a problem. They kept calling me back wanting to get back into my computer and now I won’t let them. They get mad about it. Now a year or so later they are calling me to give me a refund BUT they need to get into my computer to do so. They are telling me I am due a refund! Today we argued for 20 minutes about it. I never had anyone argue with me to give me money as much as he did. I kept telling him to mail it me but of course they can’t do that. They have to send it by computer. Lol. No. Not happening. If they can’t mail it to me they can keep the lousy $219. Because they are NOT getting into my computer again.

Do not let these people in your computers no matter what.

Corey –

Victim Location 28546

Type of a scam Tech Support

I called this "business" to aid me in login to my Itunes account they stated there was a preexisting issue with malware and or virus and asked if i wanted to pay 100-200 dollars for them to fix the "issue" i never asked for any contract or to pay for a year of support they then proceed to link to my laptop upon my approval then a bunch of pop up things blew up my screen when i asked why this happened they told me it was my fault go figue, i then asked for a corporate number for an explanation as to why this happened they told me multiple times to go to their page online i did there is no corporate number nor is there a legitimate building located where they said it was and there is no number located on their "site" to top that i pay a lot of money for McAfee and i ran a complete scan and the only issue that came up was with the business support tech a malware downloaded issue

Autumn –

Victim Location 46012

Type of a scam Credit Cards

they wanted to go to a web sight download it and I would my 199.95


Raymond –

Victim Location 73703

Type of a scam Tech Support

I paid $300 to Support Tech and have been hounded with scam calls since. They have called my husband and my daughter who are on my telephone account. They will NOT stop calling no matter how many times I have asked or threatened to call authorities. I would never use this service again.

Gary –

Victim Location 83686

Type of a scam Tech Support

We had someone call us a long time ago about viruses on our computer, they were with a company called Support Tech. Since then we have gotten a new computer but have continued to receive calls from Support Tech at a number of 282-352-4977 that say they will destroy our new computer through an open vortex if we do not sign up for our services again. We will not give them any more information. 

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