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Larry –

Victim Location 38451

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

so i recieved a call from sergio (305-921-0297) stating i won money from a drawing back in 2015 and they been trying to get a hold of me ever since. i didnt give him my address he already knew it and verrified it over the phone and just needed to send me a document by fax or email so i gave him my email address, then asked if i wanted my award to be pubiic or privite, i said privite, then stated my check would be comming by van but i have to choose the time slot so i chose morning 7-10am. he gave me another # in case i had further questions (718-942-7601) and gave me a code to give to the driver to the driver for security and congratulated me again, and hung up. …. the next day, 10:30 no one came so i called sergio back at his # rang twice and nothing. so i called the # he gave and some guy just said "um hey" i said "uh hi i was given your # is sergio there ? " he said "um nope but i’ll get my assistant to help ya" ya really perfessional folks. so he came back on the phone as the same person and guess they have caller id cause he verrifed all my info, and THEN repeted everything the other guy said but then. i said some guy sergero already went over everything he said oh yes sergio valentino then… stated he needed $1500 so i said so i have to pay for my winnings which i was told your not supposed to have to.. she said no mam its for insurance only incase it gets lost on the way, then when i wanted to ask more questions he cut me off and was rude over and over which was hard to him cause his accent and background noise, but he didnt care.. then argued with me and got mean when i said i shouldnt have to pay for somthing i won, then said he just talked to his boss and said i could do instalments to secure my winnings of 2- $500 payments, so i told him they are cold and heartless for pulling scams on people that would be willing to give them money when they have none to give like me when they need it to live on. so people beware.

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