Super Cute Doodles Reviews - Super Cute Doodles Scam or Legit

Morgan – May 26, 2020

Victim Location 37064

Total money lost $4,050

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I attempted to purchase a mini-goldendoodle from this "breeder" at Super Cute Doodles. He had the mini doodle we wanted listed for $500. We inquired if she was still available and she "was" so the process began. He claimed to have his dogs for 50% off due to coronovirus and everyone needing spirits lifted. He claimed to be in Atlanta and we are in TN so we could have her delivered for $150. So we sent $650 through Suntrust/Zelle account on 5/19/20 with a promise for her delivery on 5/20 by 4:00. The next morning he sends me a text saying they can’t send the puppy until we pay a $1000 fully refundable pet insurance fee in case the plane crashes, so we sent $1000 on 5/20/20. Once again a guarantee of a fully vaccinated, potty trained mini doodle by 4:00 on 5/20/20. Then I get another text saying that the travel company needed a $1300 fully refundable fee for an air conditioned crate for travel in cargo. Again, I send $1300 with a promise of delivery of the puppy by either 11:00 am or 4:00 pm on 5/22/20 with a promise of no more fees and all extra expenses fully refundable upon delivery on puppy. Then AGAIN, I get a call the morning of 5/22 saying they needed an additional $1300 fully refundable for a "city permit for the dog and new vaccines that i was already told the dog had". At this point I say "no" and that we just want our money back. He tells me our puppy is already on the plane, so once again we send $1000 fully refundable for the permit and vaccines (i talked him down from 1300-$1000. So now he has $4050 of our money and promises delivery on 5/22 in the evening with no more fees. At 5:00 on 5/22, I get another text saying the puppy had to be "taken off the plane for vaccines and then had to rest" so would be delivered on 5/23/20 by 4:00. So, I’m on the site looking for him and find out the this puppy "scamming" has become quite common and happens to people all the time. They literally warned people of identically to the "t" what has happened to us and warned us that tomorrow they will ask for even more money saying the plane has been delayed and the puppy needs food and exercise that has to be paid for etc……We are out $4050 and have no puppy. BEWARE of these scams. This man should be in JAIL he went by Antoine Craig to me, but my sheriff friend found out that he has 43 different phone numbers that come up when you look up his current number. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! He’s a liar and a cheat despite telling me that he "was a man of God and would never take advantage or mislead anyone". Some "man of God". Someone needs to do something about these multiple fake sites that are stealing people’s money, especially during such a difficult time!! Due to the Quarantine, I haven’t been able to work for 3 months and we were planning on spending $650, not $4050. This is a FELONY CRIME. Don’t fall for any internet scams about purchasing pets online, ever!!! Experts say 95% of them are scams. Meet the breeder and the dog and have the dog before paying a penny.

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