Student loan department Reviews - Student loan department Scam or Legit

Sara – Jun 25, 2020

Victim Location 02472

Type of a scam Phishing

Phishing scam targeting young adults fresh out of college.

Rose – Apr 21, 2020

Victim Location 45315

Type of a scam Phishing

After going to the website for Great Lakes Lesa informed me for my SS# then she started I was eligible for the student loan forgiveness program. I then realized it was a scam

Michael –

Victim Location 60601

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

This company sends unsolicited letters marked “Final Notice,” with no return address, and does not answer its phones during normal business hours. The sender, which does not disclose its name, targets student loan holders and attempts to get them to pay for “fee-based application assistance” for converting “federal student loan[s]” into “a federally-backed consolidation with a lower rate.” As its fine print (incompletely) alludes to, however, consolidating federal student loans will not reduce your interest rates as such, setting up automatic payments will.

While mail from this company is routed through Sacramento, I have not found any company with the name “Student Loan Department” registered in California. This confirms they are (apparently) not providing their entity name.

Because of their use of fine-print and half-truths, I am tempted to consider this more inappropriate spam than a “scam.” That said, their statements are misleading and they do not answer their phones, omit their address, do not provide licensing information, make misleading statements about high-risk financial decisions, and use apparently made-up or simply inaccurate personal information. And as I additionally cannot reach the company, and they have not provided a corporate name, I’m of the belief that this is more a “scam” than marketing.

Marvin –

Victim Location 31707

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Received a text that says "XX, we did not receive your completed claim for student loan relief. Call us back at 469-281-5315 for extension of time or your claim will be terminated."

Tyrone –

Victim Location 90046

Type of a scam Other

received a phone message from "Brandon" claiming he was from "Student Loan Department" stating that they had sent me several notices by mail and that because they hadnt heard back from me, my account was about to be closed. When called back and I asked him who he sent the notices to, he asked me for my phone number then stalled for a while then finally giving me a name other than my own. On informing him that the name he gave was not mine, and informing him I was suspicious that he was lying and that it was an obvious scam attempt – he lied again and stated that the name associated with my phone number was not me and that other person did indeed have an account with them.

This is an obvious phishing attempt to take advantage of people with student loan debt.

Meagan –

Victim Location 83213

Type of a scam Scholarship

Caller ID says it is form CA. A recording plays, then a voice telling me to call them back at the number provided. They have been calling me repeatedly saying I owe a student loan and that I need to call to avoid repercussions.

Today the guy said that it was my final chance to correct this and I needed to call back immediately.

Sabrina –

Victim Location 83713

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

a recording told me to dial 1 if I wanted to get my debt erased. The voice sounded like another scam call I got before, called me 5 times today.

Sheila –

Victim Location 48602

Type of a scam Government Grant

I got a phone call from a person saying he was from the government and I had been chosen along with 299 others to receive a government grant for 9,200.00. I was told to go to the Western Union and fill out a application but first I had to pay 250.00 for the application. Then I would receive 9,200.00 pulse my 250.00. I really think this is a scam, if this person receives 250.00 from 300 people he stand to get 75,000.00.

Cory –

Victim Location 46268

Type of a scam Other

I got a letter from a company claiming to be Student Loan Department. It mentions Health care and Education Affordability Reconciliation Act of 2010. Also says to call 1-888-895-21522 It does provide an account number, and while it’s none that I recognize, I see the red caution about not including any account numbers therefore I’m leaving my as blank.

Maggie –

Victim Location 20020

Total money lost $699

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

"Student Loan Department" reached out to me in Feb 2015 via postal mail offering to consolidate my student loans by using an income based repayment plan where I would be paying $211.40 monthly and my loans will be forgiven after 193 months. They claimed to be a private owned company with forgiveness programs offered by the U.S. Dept of Education. I responded to the mail offer by calling the number associated with the company (Student Loan Department). I spoke with Amanda Santiago 1800-311-8569 who then became responsible for signing me up for the forgiveness program. I was asked to verify general info via phone such as name, dob, ssn, current address and current financial situation. From there, I was asked to electronically sign a "document preparation and service agreement". In addition to sigining the agreement, I was charged $699.00 to "process my paperwork". The paperwork processing should have included communicating with the U.S. Dept of Education to keep my deferment up to date until I am able to make the appropriate monthly payments. After the document was signed and the money was taken from me nothing happened. I called Amanda Santiago to inquire about my forgiveness plan. Instead of informing me that i was missing information she waited until i reached out to her two months later to inquire. At this point she let me know the Student Loan Department needed my current W2 statement or last two paystubs in order for the U.S. Dept of Education to defer my loan. I sent my W2 statement the next day via fax to ensure timely delivery. I called her to make sure she received and she told me everything was fine. I reached out to the company 4 months later (August 2015) as i felt like nothing was done i never received paperwork or anything. Another Student Loan Department representative Mariam Velasquez informed me that i needed to sign a release of authorization form in order for the company to prepare my student loan consolidation documents. Very confused i signed the form and faxed it the next day to ensure timely delivery. Now a year later, the Student Loan Department has never reached out to the U.S. Dept of Education to defer my loans. So the entire time i was being penalized for late payments, no payments, etc. It has drastically hurt my credit score. i have been getting denied from everything left and right because of my terrible credit score. When i called them in Dec 2015 to inquire once again. They are mysteriously no longer a company. If you call you will not get an answer . They dont have a website or anything and never sent me postal mail informing me that the company was closing. So I’ve been scammed out of $699 and a terrible credit score.

Craig –

Victim Location 95828

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

Arrived in a professional looking envelope with the very real looking presorted US Postage Paid Permit#1916 with zip code from 95799 . No from address just a window with my name and address. Inside was a very real looking letter typed with account number as well as bold print Student Loan Department and phone 1-866-951-0128. The logo stating Accredited Business printed on letter. At the bottom there is a disclaimer disclosure claiming "Company is a (BBB) accredited business in good standing that holds an A+ rating." When checking contact number with the number did not show validity. When checking Student Loan Department something showed up but displayed not Accredited Company and has a F rating. I was targeted but fortunately I did research, this could have easily scammed unsuspecting people. This needs to warn others.

Allison –

Victim Location 63025

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They are saying that they can save thousands on my student loans and possibly get them forgiven for no fee. They also say that they are an A+ accredited business and they are not even a accredited business at all and all they have is negative reviews and also says it is a scam.

Jay –

Victim Location 38547

Type of a scam Other

I keep receiving letters in the mail saying that they were with the department of education. They have a 1 800 number to call to reduce my student loans. They ask for bank accounts, work info, social number,etc.

Tristan –

Victim Location 18644

Total money lost $699

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I contacted the Student Loan Dept. about consolidating my student loans back in February of 2015. Everything seemed very professional and official. I received a welcome packet and folder with information about all their programs and I was convinced that this was a legitimate company. I was approved for a graduated repayment plan. I had to pay closing costs, which I thought was standard since most refinancing my husband and I have done in the past involved closing costs. We had $233 taken out in March, April, and May of 2015 from our bank account. Trans to Pay and Global Solutions were the companies that had drafted the money out of my checking account. After our last payment the paperwork for our consolidation was supposed to be complete and I would begin making my payments to my new servicer, which recently I found out was Fed Loans. I contacted Fed Loans and they have no record of me, or a consolidation. In addition, I contacted Navient to see if they were notified of a consolidation since my current loan would be paid off shortly. They too were unaware of this company. The Student Loan Department put all my loans in forbearance with Great Lakes and Navient so I thought it was odd that they did not receive any form of communication from this consolidation company. I had paid a total of $699 total to consolidate my student loans and have received nothing in return.  

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