Sally’s Depot Reviews - Sally’s Depot Scam or Legit

Glenn – May 19, 2020

Sally’s Depot is a scam. The person who stole your money and many others is Julian Davis. He lives at [protected] Challenge Rd in Batavia, IL. His phone is [protected]. He has stolen over $100,000 from people like you.
He made the news: <span title="… />
His instagram is @juliandavis_

Megan – May 08, 2020

Victim Location 67070

Total money lost $11.99

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was on FB towards the beginning of the Pandemic, and there was no TP to be had. I live in a small town. Less then 1000 people. I purchase tons of stuff online. Anyways, I saw a post about Angel soft brand TP for sale, shipped straight to your house. I figured man, this doesn’t get any better. And it really didn’t. I waited over a month. Got suspicious. Searched for the site. It does not exist. They are gone. No TP. Nothing. This was in the beginning of March.

Alex – Apr 27, 2020

I ordered toilet paper from them. Never got it and when I checked back sight was no longer. They took the money out of my card. It was a scam! On my card it has Luner lights # 8773050445 IL. Not sure if it will help. This is not even Sally’s Depot.

Bobby – Apr 27, 2020

I ordered toilet paper and never received it. It’s been over a month. I just red that this was a scam and I would like my money back. Please and thank you.

Ronald – Apr 25, 2020

Sally’s Depot was a scam run by a Depaul University student. File a complaint with your bank/credit card and get your money back. Contact the feds or the police. Here’s all his info:
Julian D

Christina – Apr 03, 2020

I am out of work and have 5 kids to support, This was such a risk and I should have known better. I haven’t been out to get any toilet paper thinking this was coming and now havent been able to find any. I feel so dumb! Is there a way to stop these people?

Roberto – Apr 01, 2020

I order 3 packages of toilet paper it’s cost 30 dollars it’s be 2 weeks and i haven’t recieved anything they had a message on thier website it’s would take from 1 weekto 2 weeks and haven’t gotten anything i just want my money back. With all the coronavirius going on we needed this toilet paper i placed the order on 3 -16- 20

Melody – Mar 28, 2020

Damn! I knew this was too good to be true! So Pissed rn! I spent $30! Just trying to think of this as losing from the Slot Machine so I don’t get too upset right now! I don’t get how FB allowed this on their Website! They be on top of Fact Checking but they need to Fact Check Websites that’s posting False Advertisement! That’s just as important since they can scam as many people for money! I Hope this person gets the COVID! Yup I said it! 🤬🤬#KarmaWillGetYou Or Someone you Love!

Dominique – Mar 28, 2020

Same issue with the scam of 18.97 you should be ashamed of yourself . We are hard working people . I just wanted a response even if you are out of the item then refund my money. I can’t even try and contact the website it is shut down.

Emily – Mar 27, 2020

On March 17th, I was also scammed out of $18.97 by Sally’s and enduring the same response as everyone else. Nothing! These people should be ashamed of their
selves and I hope they burn in hell. I am beside myself that someone can actually take advantage of the working people at anytime, especially at a time people are vulnerable. The merchandise was to be shipped in two days and still nothing. These people need to be found and held responsible.

Wayne – Mar 26, 2020

I placed an order on 3-16-2020 and like others I received the initial email confirming my order, then nothing beyond that. I went to their website to see about contacting them and low and behold no longer to be found! I pulled up the original email I received from them and found an email address to contact them. Wrote and sent an email and I automatically get the message that that email no longer exists! I’m out almost $40.00!

Hillary – Mar 27, 2020

I just called my bank and they said since I authorized that original transaction, they couldn’t do anything about it, but if I see anymore transactions after that date that I don’t recognize, they can do something about those. She also recommended I get my bank card changed immediately since those people now have my debit card information. First time I’ve been scammed… lesson learned!

Steven – Mar 26, 2020

Money I meant.

Willie – Mar 26, 2020

Call your bank or credit card company and report the charge as fraudulent, if they are FDIC insured (which I have described in my previous posts) they will cover this charge and put the miney back into your account.

Kendra – Mar 26, 2020

I’d like to confirm all the previous notes. I too have been scammed. March 17-2020 I order a product and still no product. No email response! Website is closed no imfo about the website or the company. Some one have to do something, with the situation we have and people just scam us because we can go out the street every day to do ours shopping like before and now online we are not sure who is real and who scam us.

Rafael – Mar 26, 2020

On 3-15-2020 I ordered two 12 roll packages of toilet paper & still haven’t received product. Didn’t get any respond to email i sent to company so I believe I’ve been scammed.. How do I resolve this & get my $18.97 returned?
J. Josi

Gabriel – Mar 26, 2020

Call your bank or credit card company, they usually have a 24 hour number for reporting fraudulent purchases.

Brooke – Mar 25, 2020

Don’t let your bank discourage you in reporting fraudulent charges if they are FDIC Insured-

The FDIC is a deposit insurance program backed by the federal government that protects bank depositors for up to $250,000. … Many credit card companies and banks have customer protection plans in place to insure against identity theft or recover funds from fraudulent purchases.

Anthony – Mar 25, 2020

I was scammed too. I filed reports with several government agencies as well as a formal complaint with Shopify. The website is no longer up and I have a feeling that Shopify removed it as they don’t want the bad publicity. Call your banks and credit card companies to report the charges as fraudulent, they usually have a 24 hour number exclusively for that purpose. I filed a report with my bank and they refunded the charges within 3 days. Be persisent with your bank, don’t let them tell you they can’t do anything about it, they insure all accounts against this type of fraud.

Shanna – Mar 25, 2020

Folks, keep hitting the Sally’s Depot websites and look for Messenger…site says may not respond within one day…probably never! However keep looking for it and send your multiple messages…officially this online retailer no longer exists, according to message received when trying to contact their orginal website and according to Shopify Inc…call, email, text that ecommerce website with complaints as well…although not accredited by BBB, you can also file a complaint with them for Sally’s Depot, Lunar Lites, and Shopify Inc…something to do while stuck at home right now…and my bank says that a refund is not possible since they, Sally’s Depot, are not a legitimate business now, Lunar Lites is nonexistant and Shopify Inc does not accept responsibility for anything…isn’t that special?

Frederick – Mar 25, 2020

I was scammed as well by Sally’s Depot and filed multiple reports of fraud with several government agencies. I also reached out to Shopify as I know they were hosting this site, they sent me a link to file an official report with them, which I did. The website for Sally’s Depot has been disabled and is no longer up. My bank gave me my money back…you need to contact someone higher up in your bank about this, they are insured against this type of fraud and should reimburse you.

Jeffery – Mar 24, 2020

Ordered TP on March 18th and I went to view the tracking and it came back saying OOPS…something went wrong. I tried to view my order and it said no shop is available. Im screwed out of $11.00. Never again will I order stuff off of FB. Im 67 yrs old. Make me mad!

Gail Cieszkowicz

David – Mar 24, 2020

When I tried to go to [email protected], I get a “This shop is not available” message. I’m out $11.99.

Regina – Mar 26, 2020

I sent email wanting to know when my order would be shipped & it said it would be a few days before ud get a reply because there products were in great demand. I’m out of 18.97… Smh, makes me mad people are so bad to steal in times like this.

Leslie – Mar 24, 2020

I’m still waiting on my two Jumbo packs of Angel Soft. I ordered March 13th. They said one to two weeks delivery. No email no number. No nothing. Where is my [censored] money or my [censored] toilet paper?

Brett – Mar 23, 2020

Scammer’s phone None listed

Scammer’s website Https://

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

FYI: BBB has Sally’s Depot address listed as 25 Courtenay Drive, Charleston SC 29845-8911…appears as part of a health care network and a music network at the same address…no phone number found …email remains https:// which takes you back to the website order page and the nonexistant [email protected] address…have not received a response from my Webmaster inquiry…

Daisy – Mar 23, 2020

BBB also has this listed as an Online Business

Andres – Mar 23, 2020

Correction: 29425-8911

Felicia –

I want my product or my money back asap. This is wrong to take peoples money and not giving what people paid for. I ordered 2 pack of angel soft toliet paper as yet not recieved it. This is so wrong.

Erin –

Yes, something needs to be done. They took my money as well. I purchased two. Jumbo packs of Angel Soft March 13th have not heard anything. No email. No phone number. No nothing. This is a crisis in this world and they want to scam people out there money, b***.

Theresa –

Scammer’s phone None listed

Scammer’s website [email protected]

Scammer’s address None listed

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Website

Scammer! Website, support site addresses not found when attempt contacting the company…charges come from Lunar Lites in Illinois? No delivery of products ordered…listed with Shopify Inc of Ottawa, Canada as ecommerce site, but no response from that online company when complaint filed…AVOID BOTH SALLY’S DEPOT AND SHOPIFY INC…working with bank on legal charges…

Carly –

I think its just shipping delay check their website. It also says the free plus ship isnt free so maybe why your charged extra for the free paper

David –

I was scam from Sally’s Depot and my card was charged 11 and it was a company in Illinois called lunar lite. Calling credit card to cancel.didnt even get my toilet paper.

Carolyn –

Yeah, me too. I just called my bank to have them investigate and get my money back. Shame on them!

Rachael –

Order 2 12 jumbo packs of Angle Soft Toilet Paper. Didn’t receive it.. No email to contact them or any info available . No phone number. website doesn’t exist.

Tony –

I purchased free toilet paper but they charged about $9 for 12 jumbo rolls for “shipping.” I ordered 3 and they asked if I wanted an extra one for free but I got popped another $9 for that one so $35.92 total. The second I ordered, my bank called and asked if I purchased $40 worth of Lunar lights from Illinois. Had to cancel my card. ) : They never charged me for the toilet rolls, I mean shipping.

Colin –

They have charged my card twice. $27.89 both times for one order. There is no option to cancel. Have attempted to “contact them” of course no response. No confirmation email as it said there would be. This is 100% a scam. I’m out $55.78. I doubt there is anything they can do but definitely going to talk with the bank tomorrow.

Andrew –

They are not a scam. I ordered the Melo Face mask and it came in 2 weeks.

Armando –

Ordered 2 mini blenders first of Dec.,2019 have not received them yet. It is the first of March,2020.

Marvin –

I’d like to confirm the previous notes. I too have been scammed. Nov/19 order date still no product. No email response! Not trustworthy!

Michele –

Check post office! They responded to me

Kristy –

I ordered a mini blender on December 25th and I haven’t received my order yet! My order number is #2413 they took my money and thats it. No tracking number no email no nothing. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ORDERING FROM THEM IT’S A SCAM A TOTAL RIP OFF! I AM OUT OF $17 & SOME CHANGE!

Eddie –

That’s what I thought but it was shipped to my post office

Cheryl –

Victim Location 39567

Total money lost $35.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a product (2 portable blender pro’s) from this company on December 19, 2019. The final amount of the invoice is $35.90, which has already been charged to my account. I received a confirmation email with Order #1943 thanking me for my purchase! On January 7, 2020 – I checked the status of the order…..the company goes through an app called "Arrive" for those statuses. I checked it and it states it was shipped on December 17th. When I tried to locate information about the company, of course, there is nothing. I happened to found the "Return" address, which I feel sure is fake as well. I did a little more research and looks like this is a MAJOR problem with others and they also have been scammed. Please tell me that we can shut these ppl down and not allow them to do this to anyone else??? Supporting documents: I have an email received from the company/invoice, an email that I tried to send to them, and undelivered response from the email I sent. Thanks!

Robin –

Guys Check post office! They answered me I thought I got scammed too.

Paul –

I was scammed as well o ordered 1 portable blender and I have yet to hear from them. I ordered December 25th.

Ebony –

I am pretty sure that I got scammed too…i order 2 rechargeable blenders for the same price i ordered mine dec 14 and got the same email confirming my order then got 1 saying it’s been shipped and now nothing…have you received yours yet

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