Soft Hires Inc Reviews - Soft Hires Inc Scam or Legit

Raquel – Oct 13, 2020

They are fake, its a SCAM – They txt me a job in Irvine, CA – It was a actual job, they txt me at the call time, although they are on the east coast so it was 2A in CA, seemed legit from there but then next day they wanted me to go to Temecula, (60 miles away), no travel time or milage (a requirement in CA), thats when I found this sight and others, then looked at their site, which #1 shows their location as a vacent lot, #2 has a bunch of placeholder txt, not removed, including reviews from “John Doe” (Really). Obviously I declined the second day and now trying to get paid has been a nightmare. They want your SSN but will not provide a secure method to transfer it (also a CA law), I am not sending my personal info to a group email address thats not secured. Now thats not a big barrier as I do lots of interstate buisness and gave them my company EDIN so they can pay me thru that. 60 days later still no payment… They call from a variety of area codes around the country and Sam, the main guy / owner is rarely available. When available he makes promises he does not keep to get you off the phone. I am currently escelating the situation with my states labor board. Weather client or employee stay far away from these people.

Meghan – Jun 24, 2020

You are fake I have been waiting for my pay from March 2020 and I know the Company paid you for my services everything that has been said about your Company is true . I tried texting calling and e-mail know answers just wait my pay

Lucas – Sep 01, 2020

Please get me that you have work with our client, Then we are happy to Help you regarding same. Thank you.

Rose – Mar 09, 2020

Also as the previous person reported I was contacted via text. I also viewed there web page and can confirm that it???s all fake. They tell me they are out of Arkansas yet the phone number they contacted me on is with a pennsylavania area code and there fake web sites phone number has a Texas area code. ????. I also didn???t get scammed.

Carlos –

Pay me what you regardless of the amount

Claire –

Victim Location 47060

Type of a scam Employment

Contacted via text promising skilled labor of any type for a $4 fee over and above individuals pay. When I check out the website everything is fake info. I Did not get scammed.

Natalie –

Dear Sir,
I would like to know which information is made you think that we are fake?
For your information, We are a Nationwide staffing company. We are happy to help you to prove that we legit company.

If you have any Questions Please contact at 832-404-2570.

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