Social Security Spoof Reviews - Social Security Spoof Scam or Legit

Nicolas – Aug 13, 2020

Victim Location 41094

Type of a scam Other

I received a voicemail yesterday 8-13-2020 in the afternoon they said they were calling me from Social Security your social security has been compromised please return the call and gave the number of 443-329-9172.

Dane – Aug 12, 2020

Victim Location 45013

Type of a scam Other

I received the first call several months ago, and recently they have been close together from 513-907-5040 and a male voice they said they were discontinuing my social security because they said they found the card in a crime scene accident in Texas, one time they called it was involving heroin in the vehicle, each time they call the story is a little different, but they also find my social security in the vehicle. My card is in a safe in my house. When you ask questions of how they got this and that information, they usually hang up. They tell me I need to speak with some lieutenant. They also told me things about my house (had a vehicle out in front for sale) and details my neighbor’s house. They mentioned if I sent so much money in it would go away. It seems like they might have mentioned one time $451. They said they was going to prosecute me, but I haven’t been prosecuted yet, and I have never been called about my social security. I think I asked them ok you got my social security number, what is it, and that’s when they hung up.

Anne – Jul 28, 2020

Victim Location 28205

Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

Recieved several robo calls telling me my Social Secerity number has been compromised and needed to talk them to straighten it out. I have hung up each time and blocked the number. all the numbers were area code 704 with first 3 numbers 622

Last week I had calls from 704 622 5302, 704 622 1631, 704 6226373, 704 622 4318, 704 622 8668, 704 622 1290, 704 622 4007

Suzanne – May 29, 2020

Victim Location 28166

Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

voicemail said: there’s a legal enforcement action probably going to Social Security number for fraudulent activity so whenever you get this message kindly call us back at the earliest possible on our number of the ____the legal proceddings that is ___207-672-2548 thank you

I did not return call back

Tyrone – Mar 04, 2020

Victim Location 45247

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a voicemail on March 2nd (not sure of time) and it was from 332-219-7191 and they said this is the Social Security Administration and your social security number has been suspended due to some reason. They said to leave your name and number with Marie Gomez. The caller was I think a male’s voice. They hung up after that.

Dennis –

Victim Location 45215

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call 1-800-383-9932 at about 12:55pm and the message said my social security number had been compromised and to hold the line. They said my number was blocked because of suspicious activity. I held the line, someone picked up and she said your name please, and I said you should know that you called me, and she didn’t say anything, I said why did you call me, and she said because I love you and hung up. She had an Asian accent. I immediately called the number back and it said out of service.

Lindsey –

Victim Location 45241

Type of a scam Phishing

Around 2:45pm I received a call from 8554126860 and it was a voicemail calling from Social Security Administration and that they received a legal complaint against social security number and driver’s license. They did not specify who (more than one person that lives at this number). They were going to block my social security, but before they could block it I need to call him. It was like a robocall without accent. When they were going to hang up it said have a bless day.

Mary –

Victim Location 08610

Type of a scam Phishing

They kept calling all day! Finally I answered and pressed 1 to speak with a representative. It was a foreign voice saying there was a warrant out for my arrest something about social security. They knew my name and address. I said it wasn’t me and to stop calling me and get a real job! He started saying volger things! I told them I was reporting them and they are disgusting! Please be aware!

Rachel –

Victim Location 07724

Type of a scam Phishing

I keep getting these phone calls that it is the Social Security Administration office and my social number has been suspended for now.

they are taking legal action. the last time I got this phony call i8t was from Wisconsin.. these scam artists can get around.

Holly –

Victim Location 28770

Type of a scam Phishing

They left me a voicemail saying that my identity has been stolen and that my SS# will be canceled. For further information on further disciplinary actions, please call 854-854-1246.

I knew immediately it was a scam, so I called the number to see who would answer. It was an Asian man who said he was from social security. He then hung up on me. Then I called again and he said he was from Google. I told him to stop fraudulently calling and he hung up on me. I called again and he spoke Korean or some other language and told me to "go f— myself."

Luis –

Victim Location 07724

Type of a scam Phishing

These people from Stevens Point Wisconsin tried to convince me that my Social security number was being suspended somehow.

Legal action was being taken and when called number some phony foreign person answered the phone……I did not give my SSN to


Benjamin –

Victim Location 45211

Type of a scam Identity Theft

My Mother keeps getting a call saying her social security number is being used all over the country to commit fraud. She is to call 888-552-8805 and talk to someone about it. They called on Sept 16th about 12:56 p.m. and again on the 19th at 2:10. There has been other calls before this but these are the ones she noted the day and time of. These calls came from 888-552-8805.

On Sept 25th at 5:15 she got another call and said her number was been used in the south of Texas and that she needs to call and report it again to the same number 555-552-8805. This call came from 513-451-1731.

Rafael –

Victim Location 41051

Type of a scam Other

Called left message saying he was social security administration saying my number was being used fraudulently. Called back all he had was my phone number starting dropping F-bombs on me becati knew it was just that .

Kristina –

Victim Location 45215

Type of a scam Debt Collections

phone message, legal action was going to be taken against my S.S. account call this number now 866-822-8231 .

Carlos –

Victim Location 45214

Type of a scam Phishing

I received two calls last night. One @ 6;13 (800-061-5786) & the other one was at 7:07 from (800-363-0462). They said from Social Security and my benefits would be stopped because of insufficient activity going on. If I wanted to get further information to press 1. I did not do this. I understand this is a scam and just wanted to warn others.

Adrian –

Victim Location 45248

Type of a scam Other

I received a call/voicemail 8552784199 on 9-9-19 around 2:15pm from 8552784199. It was a man’s voice. He said something about Texas and taking away social security number. They asked us to call the number back.

William –

Victim Location 45069

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call around 10:30a.m. from 800-261-5467, when it called it sounded like a live voice telling me there was a problem with my social security number, and to push button one (a man’s voice) and then a lady’s voice came on and I gave her my name and number, and she asked me a question, and I couldn’t understand her (she had what sounded like a Hispanic accent) and after I asked her a couple times, I just got a dial tone.

Mitchell –

Victim Location 07017

Type of a scam Phishing

I have received several phone calls from the same number. It’s a machine recording informing me that my social security benefits will be terminated due to a lawsuit. For me to give them a call back. From what I know the government would send you something in writing regarding something like this. I’ve never returned the phone call

Molly –

Victim Location 08820

Type of a scam Phishing

They indicated that my social security is being suspend because suspicious activity

Tommy –

Victim Location 45239

Type of a scam Other

I received a call on 8-9-19 around 7pm EST 909-639-5032 and they said that my social security had been compromised, it sounded like a recording, I think it was a male voice.

Samantha –

Victim Location 45212

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call around 2:30pm EST from 6153780367 and they said my social security number was being used for illegal activity, and if you don’t call this number, we will have to cancel your card. It sounded like a live person/male voice.

Alisha –

Victim Location 41035

Type of a scam Other

I received a call around 12pm on 7-24-19 from 516-441-7820. On the caller ID it said Great Neck, NY. I picked up the phone and they said they were with Social Security and they had a warrant for my arrest. They said we are going to be serving it to you sometime today. And I said hold on let me call social security department and that’s when they hung up. They said they was a lawyer representing social security. It was male with sort of a Hispanic accent. He sort of stuttered.

Jenna –

Victim Location 08739

Type of a scam Phishing

I didn’t connect because I knew it was a scam. However it may catch others. They call and leave a number 2-3 times a day. I block the caller and they use another number. Not sure if anything can be done but I thought I’d report it. Attached is transcript of voicemail.

Michelle –

Victim Location 45103

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call on 7-18-19 around 3:55pm EST. It sounded like a live person, male. They said there was a problem with my social security number and there had been a freeze put on my social security number, and for details press 1. I didn’t ask any questions. I didn’t get the chance to press one, and it hung up, I’m not sure if I hit it yet or what. I tried to call them back and it sounded like a fax tone. 18884671806 was the number they called from.

Jacob –

Victim Location 60419

Type of a scam Identity Theft

A message was left to call this no 4106001135 for fraud with my social security number,then I called bk they started talking in Spanish and hung up.

Brad –

Victim Location 45120

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received a call from 718-374-5086 stating he was the deputy calling about fraud/activity on my social security card. He continued to repeat the phone number and requested that I call him back.

I did not return his call but wanted to warn others. I believe this is a scam.

Wendy –

Victim Location 08330

Type of a scam Phishing

Called me 5 times within 2 hours, asked to be taken off of the list, and threatened to report them. Less than 30 minutes later they called me again. I told the person on the other end that "I am a minor, please don’t call this number again or I will call the police." (I’m not a minor but usually, this works for getting your number taken off of lists), he gave me dead silence, and I spoke again. "You have called me over 4 times today, do NOT call me again." He tried to tell me that "All of my social security will be placed on hold." And I replied with "You are not my social security officer, and what you’re doing is illegal. Call me again and I will report you for harassment."

Victor –

Victim Location 60047

Type of a scam Tax Collection

Caller said I had a warrant out for my arrest from the social security department

Roger –

Victim Location 61107

Type of a scam Other

Monday, May 13, 2019, I answered a phone call, approximately between noon & 1:00. It was a recording explaining that ‘my social security number had been compromised’ and then they left a phone number to call to rectify the issue. I didn’t think to write down the phone number.

Danny –

Victim Location 07095

Type of a scam Phishing

They said if i didn’t press 1, then my social security card would become frozen and that i will lose all social security benefits if i didn’t act immediately.

Jodi –

Victim Location 28135

Type of a scam Other

Someone calls claiming to be from the Social Scurity saying that my SS

number is being suited and for me to call this number 610 487 0429 that a agent is waiting for me to call.

They have called my home number last week and today they called my cell phone.

I did not call back either time

Jeffrey –

Victim Location 06489

Type of a scam Phishing

Claiming they are the social security admin. And that there has been suspicious activity so my number has been suspended and that I should hit #1 for details – call is being received 5-10 times per day on my cell phone from Linden New Jersey

Linda –

Victim Location 45255

Type of a scam Identity Theft

Received a call from 509/569-7355 and I let it go to voicemail. They claimed my social security number was suspect in identity death situation want were cancelling my number. To avoid any disciplinary action kindly call back. I thought it was a scam. I called the number they left 509/569-7355. They answered "Social Security Office". I asked if this was really the Social Security Office and they said yes. I asked if this was a scam and they hung up.

Lee –

Victim Location 60091

Type of a scam Other

A woman came on the phone and said something about being with social security and said she really hoped I was having a wonderful day, I said yes I was, then the phone went dead.

Preston –

Victim Location 08742

Type of a scam Phishing

The individual said they were an officer from social security and that my number had been compromised and needed to be canceled. They wanted additional information such as date of birth, home address and driver license number.

Aaron –

Victim Location 07440

Type of a scam Phishing

received a phone call stating their was criminal activity on our social security accounts and we should call the number provided.

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