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Miguel –

Victim Location 08036

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

In New Orleans, having a good time, this guy is standing in the store front and pulls us in with free soap samples. Then proceeds to sit us down for a free application of wrinkle cream. Does one side of my face, I see a slight difference. Does a great deal more to my friend (I stopped him at the cream) and proceeds to say that one set will cost $700. She says if you give us BOTH a set for the price, I’ll think about it. At the end of the bargaining session, she had two wrinkle fillers, two collagen eye creams, two tubes of cleanser for $600. About an hour later we looked the place up online. Found out that they’ve been scamming people in a couple locations in Florida for a while now. The product we brought home IS NOT THE SAME AS WHAT WAS USED IN THE STORE!!!! My eye cream was like egg whites – dried on my skin in a film and flaked off about 5 minutes after application. The wrinkle filler didn’t do anything. The store won’t give a refund, so they’ve got your money. Please, please please don’t fall for this. Wish I hadn’t thrown it away….would have been interesting to test it against the stuff they use on you in the store.

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