Skin Genics / Eye Genics Reviews - Skin Genics / Eye Genics Scam or Legit

Ebony –

I keep sending my SkinGenics back and I am not getting refunded! I can not get in touch with anyone to cancel! I am being charged $94 for the face cream and $92 for the eye serum! Do not know what to do! My email is [email protected]

Kurt –

Victim Location 80237

Total money lost $10.90

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I thought the advertisement for Skin Genics skin cream was legit, so I ordered a free trial and paid for the shipping ($4.95). During check-out I was tricked into ordering a second free trial (Eye Genics) and had to pay for that shipping as well ($5.95). That alerted me to possible problems with this company. I did a bit of research and discovered that when other customers had received the product, they had been charged $80+ for each sample and enrolled in a monthly subscription of the product ($80+ per product per month), no returns and no money back, and that it had been difficult to cancel the subscription. I had no idea that would be the case. Furthermore, I learned that the area codes of the customer service phone numbers given are suspect. Upon learning these things, I canceled my credit card (the payment for the shipping of both items had already gone through) so as not to be hit with a credit card charge I had not authorized. ) It turns out I never received the items for they were sent and delivered to a wrong address!!! I went to the post office and asked them to look into it. I have since emailed Skin Genics/Eye Genics to inform them that I didn’t receive the items and to cancel my orders and possible subscriptions. Their response has been that I need to call their 888 number for any customer service issues, which I don’t intend to do, since I’m afraid of what could happen if the number is not legit. I have sent emails cancelling my orders to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]

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