Skandora Group LLC Reviews - Skandora Group LLC Scam or Legit

Jay –

Victim Location 19801

Total money lost $1,100

Type of a scam Employment

Hello all,

I am a scam victim from country of Kosovo. Through this post I want to share my bad experience I have had with Skandora Group LLC. I have been in contact with them through their web page and I have spoken to them through their live chat. They did tell me that everything is safe and they are going to ensure that I do receive the working contract and they will help me schedule the embassy interview in Norwegian Embassy of Kosovo on my behalf. For working contract I have paid 301.44€ prior, an they have sent it to me after two days. I have paid this amount of money through their site by credit card. And then they did send me a second invoice that I have to pay about 540.00€ for Working and Resident Permit on for UDI and they will do it on my behalf. Also, they charged me 35.00€ for assistance and about 60.00€ as a tax fee. I have paid the second fee exactly one week after I did receive the working contract. I have received the working contract on 07/19/2019 and the second payment has been paid on 07/26/2019. From that day they did promise and the agreement was that they will schedule the embassy interview within couple of days and within 5 weeks everything would have been finished about his case. But, since that date to today, nothing has happened, not even a notification where his case is at. Now, Skandora Group LLC has declared that they are selling their business and they have received funds that they did never refund to me. I want to follow this case until I get back what I have paid and I want them to pay the damage they have done to me. Their working contract seems to have been scam as they did never mentioned the employer, only organization. Their staff did not bother to return emails or messages for weeks, and they were always late in everything. Simply, they were a scam organization that used me and a lot more others for their personal profit.

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