SK Networking Reviews - SK Networking Scam or Legit

Paul –

Victim Location 55056

Total money lost $145

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I recieved a call from a person named Anthony saying he was from the Social Security Administration and that my identity had been stolen and used to open up different accounts and also the person using it was part of a drug trafficing operation. That I needed to get all my money out of my account before the goverment froze them. I did this in a panic thinking that he was helping me. But he really wasnt. I put the mony on a wal mart gift card and sent a picture of it to him like i was asked. Then he told me i needed to go to an atm and get more money out to protect myself. That was when it hit me that this was a scam. He was very good story teller, I was on the phone with him for 2 and a half hours trying to protect myself from the person who had stolen my identity. So if you recieve a call from this number know it is a scam. This company has been registered as a business for 3 years. I founf the company name by calling the number on the back of my gift card from walmart. They have a transaction history so it told me the company who had taken the money off the card. Thank you walmart for that I was able to call the police and file a report because of that. Be aware>

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