Sinclair Transport Inc. Reviews - Sinclair Transport Inc. Scam or Legit

Kyle –

Victim Location 45212

Type of a scam Other

Since dec. the Sinclair Transport Inc. contacted me because John Davis started to work for them. Hem He lied to them & stored stuff he had scammed from me when he was doing drugs. He told them he had his liscence to drive semis. When they found out he lied they fired him. In December I got a text from Sinclair Transport Inc. asking if I was Teri Richardson. When I replied bach that I was They started needing money to deliver my property. At first they said they were in Xenia & had a problem delivering & needed money. There was a pistol belonging to my father . I had the serial # which matched. It has drug on for 2 months. Needing gas money 2 flat tires. . They couldn’t find my house all kind of excuses. t

They also are in Cincinnati I think on the west side. This has drug out too long . I had saved the texts from them til a driver said they were going out of business so Im deleted it.Now they have fired the driver that was trying to help me. He lives on their property & was told to be out today. I"m so tired of all this $

& I don’t think they should get away with this. I

I’m 72yo & retired & they shouldn’t treat people this way. The driver said the boss liked my property & that’s probably why he’s doing this/

The numbers I was contacted from was one of the driver’s supposed to be helping me 863-354-4018, his name was Jerry and he is the one that told me they fired him this morning. The other phone number is Bobby (my neighbor) 856-671-2091. He is supposed to be coming up here by 5 or 6pm and giving $8500, but he always comes up with some reason that he can’t. I was giving property and recently it’s been money, just started again into December to my neighbor’s son, and they asked me if I had anything that I could pawn. At first it was to help my neighbor’s son (John) to get his trucking license. After John got fired from Sinclair Transport for not having his license, that’s when the business started in on me needing money to deliver my stuff, and they were supposed to deliver but they couldn’t find the Norwood later and stupid stuff. They say my property is in storage. It’s mainly been since December , that’s when I started getting text messages. Before that my neighbor’s son had asked for the financial favors in person. He was in prison before and he was taking stuff from his dad, but in between prison and not and getting a sad story. The last time he needed $70 he needed an airline ticket to go back to Florida, and I gave him and he didn’t come back until August. Lately it’s either a Cash Advance at CVS or Western Union at Krogers that anyone of them are asking me for.

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