Simple Network, INC.

Ronnie –

Victim Location 55599

Type of a scam Phishing

We have our home phone number registered on the national do not contact list, so when "SIMPLE NETWORK, INC." (732-451-1111) kept coming up on my phone, I decided to answer and get it over with so they’d stop calling. When I answered, no one was there so I called back, listened to the options on the automated system and pressed ZERO for operator. A woman with a thick accent answered.

Here is the dialogue:

Me: hi, I keep getting calls from this number and I’d like to know what business this is

SN: What is your name?

Me: what does your company do?

SN: I need to know your name before I can tell you that.

Me: no you don’t need to know my name. Our phone number is on the do not contact list and I don’t want you to call here again. Please take this number off your list. (at which time any other company says ok).

SN: What is your name?

Me: I am not telling you my name. Are you taking this number off your list??

SN: ok, what is your number?

Me: (number given) ok, so you will take us off your call list, yes?

SN: Pause. Ma’am, are you there?

Me: yes. What does this company do!?

SN: It is called Simple Network

Me: Yes, I know what it is called, but what do you DO?

SN: I need to know your name before I can tell you that.

Me: No, you don’t. I am in sales. There, now you know what I do. What do YOU do? That shouldn’t be a secret.

SN: It isn’t a secret, ma’am.

Me: Ok, just tell me, what does the company do??

SN: It is for prepaid phone cards.

Me: Ok, thank you, now are you taking our phone number off your list? (no talking) yes or no!? (hear talking in the background, a man and the woman with thick Indian accents.

SN: Ma’am, I just need to (I interrupt)

Me: you don’t need to do anything but tell me that you are taking us off your call list! Are you taking us off your call list or am I calling the!? (man and woman talking in the background and I hang up).

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