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Lacey – Jul 13, 2020

Victim Location 83340

Total money lost $71.49

Type of a scam Online Purchase


I placed an order on the website for a pair of shoes and because they offered PayPal as a payment source I assumed the site was legitimate (my mistake). When the shoes arrived, not only were they completely different than the ones I ordered, I could also tell they were a counterfeit of the brand (the brand "Chacos" this shoe was copying do not have as much extra fabric as this one- it was very obvious, i even took them to a Chaco retail provider in town to verify there was something strange.)

I emailed customer support about the problem asking for a refund and way to ship these shoes back. I received an email back asking for photo proof, I provided such on June 25th, on July 8th they responded: "We are sorry to hear that you have received the products you are not satisfied with. We promise all our products sold are original with great discounts and the goods you received are the best sellers in our store.

As you are a valued customer,we would like to provide you with a 10USD coupon code(Coupon1 for the next purchase so that you do not need to return the package back to us."

I told them this was not an executable solution, why would I continue to give this company my money and what am I supposed to do with these shoes? They responded "We apologize for this inconvenience.Because this is an overseas shipment, if you returned back the item, you still need to pay more shipping fee for this resend package. In this case, we advise you to keep it and then we will refund you 17USD as a compensation."

At this point I decided to contact you.

Their refund and return policy listed on the website makes the process sound simple and it is clearly not easy to get your money back, even when the mistake is the company’s.

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