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Arthur – Jul 07, 2020

Victim Location 30331

Total money lost $275

Type of a scam Online Purchase

So I place a hair appointment with this guy go by the name of hair assassin who work for snob life Shop downtown Atlanta I book my appointment July2 for 3:30pm two days before my appointment I tried reaching out calling the shop to cancel my appointment no answer so the day of my appointment I had gotten a email stating $275 was taking out of my account at 3:24 from hair assassin for a hair appointment I call and ask hair assassin why was money taking out my account when I didn’t approve for you to do so also you didn’t do anything to my head yet only thing I approve and paid for myself with my card was the deposit of $20 to be taking out my account to hold my appointment on file for July2 so I’m not understanding why this guy took all the money out for my hair when he never did anything to it I was told by him hair assassin that once you miss an appointment that you will be charge full amount for service for a miss appointment I never heard of this policy I only heard of a full deposit of a miss appointment will be taking I also feel like this guy gave me a hard time after asking him what would be a better day then to reschedule my appointment for you to do my hair then since I miss my appointment and I tried calling two days before no answer I was told by hair assassin that he was fully book and there is no way he can do my hair now or neither in the future I was told by him to dispute the transaction because it’s nothing he could do at this point after he already took my money off of my card I felt like this was a big scam to just get my money for something I never received and fraud for taking my money out my account without me knowing I will be charge full service of a miss appointment with no service or set up a appointment to get it done in the future it’s not right to be treated this away as a first time costumer or just take someone money this is illegal it’s not a state of law to take someone hard earn working money without them knowing this is against the State of law this is what you called stealing and getting over and getting away with crime I never had this experience this guy took damn near 300 out of my account and think it’s okay to do and get away with it I’m highly upset knowing this guy scam me for money without any complimentary it be your own kind that always trying to get over on they own people out here if this guy had any kind of heart he would have tried to work it out tried to make this situation work for the both of us instead of sitting on his high horse getting over on his own people’s I’m pretty sure I’m not only one who he scam and did this to I will not just be silent with that much amount of money taking out my account this is ridiculous and this what you call scamming your own people out there hard working money without any service did at all I ask that you guys help me resolve this issue and matter of scamming businesses because this is not right what soooooo ever I’m very upset and frustrated me as a costumer shouldn’t be treated this way especially when I’m trying to book your service and help your business grow out here hair assassin you need to be a men and admit to your wrong doing and stop trying to get over on people

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