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Logan –

Victim Location 37072

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I applied for a job position on and it turns out they are stealing people’s identity. They do not request any money like most scams do either. They send you all kinds of official looking emails, documents, etc…

Jeffery –

Victim Location 36830

Type of a scam Employment

Alice Melliken and Kathleen Charles contacted me about a job position call Storeroom Manager. My so called job was to receive packages ordered by customers and check the packages to make sure they were damaged. I was to repack the package and wait for a print label from Alice who is the supervisor so that the package could be mailed to the customer. I was advised not to repack the invoice but to scan to Alice once shipping label was received I was to get a receipt from the post office and scan back in to Alice and put in shop for best website portal that the package was delivered. After the first package I asked why did the label have a different address on it? I asked was the company fraud? I noticed in the description of the job agreement the word customer was not spelled correctly. These people had me to fill out a W-4 and an application. I have emailed from them. I am filing a complaint with the FBI and I am contacting the news. They stated that I would be paid for 2 weeks of training. I have yet to receive a check. I thought the company was legit. Every time I visited the web site it appeared to be legit. But I guess not. Ii still have two packages in my house that I have yet to receive a print label for! I am highly upset. I am a mother of three! I don’t have time to get scammed by anyone. I work had and feel that I have been a victim of ID Theft! They said check go direct deposit or by pay pal card. I should have followed my guts and knew not to proceed. I still have not heard from company! I have a contract that I received but are not wanting to show my name and address. I will show to FBI or investigators. They should not take money out my account because I gave them savings account info. Savings was one that could not be debited only deposits could be received.

Ramon –

Victim Location 07927

Type of a scam Other

They approached me a month ago about a "Warehouse Manager" position, I was to receive packages addressed to my location with names that were not mine, I was to remove the invoices and put new labels on them and ship them to a warehouse where they may be sent overseas. The location was (581 Copper Drive, Wilmington, DE). Large amount of electronics were involved. I was suspicious and bailed out two weeks in. I no longer receive packages from them, and I have not received promised payment of $14 an hour monthly as of writing (it’s well overdue) and have not heard from my supposed supervisor in over a week. During this period of time I received phishing letters and an odd subscription to People magazine. The letters have stopped.

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