Score sense

Krystle –

Victim Location 92345

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Tech Support

I chose the one dollar credit check , used my card and immediately canceled, same day same hour by calling rep.who assured me account was cancelled from Oct 2017 to April 11 ,2018 they have been billing me for a service I used for less than 15 min , when asked they refuse to reverse payments

Dennis –

Victim Location 85716

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I went online to check my credit score, I was silly enough to give them my debit card # for what they called a refundable deposit. From that transaction I had all of my SSD money stolen from me last month (Feb), I have filed a fraudulent charge claim with XXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXX XXXXX who was the bank receiving my money at the time. They have done a thorough investigation into the claim and they decided that I owe them $144 for being scammed. I have closed the account and eaten my losses but I do want you to know of this terrible scam. I will make a report including each of the companies that stole from me.

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