Shoespink Reviews - Shoespink Scam or Legit

Ivan – Apr 29, 2020

Victim Location 08722

Total money lost $59.56

Type of a scam COVID-19

Attached please find a copy of my credit card statement and account number. On the second line of itemization please note the transaction which I have highlighted in color. Attached also is a copy of the advertisement from Shoespink for the item I ordered. Shoespink has fraudulently advertised Scott toilet tissue even showing the Scotts package in color. It represents toilet tissue in the roll size as is normally expected in America. The price is $59.56. It’s expensive but it was ordered during the pandemic paper shortage on March 19th. When It hadn’t yet arrived in early April I e-mailed the company at [email protected] It seemed a rather strange e-mail address. I sent several e-mails of inquiry none of which were answered. Yesterday I received a bag in the mail with a Chinese return address. Nothing on the Shoespink ad says anything about china. And the Shoes pink name appears nowhere on this Chinese package. It’s obviously a deliberate omission in fraud. I opened the bag and out rolled 18 small and very narrow rolls with no spools. They are the diameter of a corn cob and half the length. I enclose a picture next to a normal roll of paper. My order # is ********. I must learn to be careful of scammers during this pandemic. There are always those who prey on people during critical times. It’s cyber-looting.

The absence of any mention of China, the fraudulent display of the Scotts toilet tissue logo and the exorbitant price for such tiny and narrow rolls is nothing short of misrepresentation and even deliberate fraud. It appears to be a scam hiding behind credit card companies like **** ** *******.

On that basis I e-mailed the company one more time demanding a refund. Since I opened the strange Chinese package not knowing what it was and since it was mailed from China I can’t return it. Attached is a copy of the mailing labels. They continue to ignore my e-mails. I can’t help but to conclude that this is a well thought out scheme to sell some rolls of cheap useless rolls of paper under a carefully planned scheme ot profit by fraud and deception. I respectfully ask that you reverse the charge for this obvious scam. I plan to notify and others of this scam to prevent others from being misled.

Sergio – Mar 23, 2020

I too ordered some toilet paper and can’t get tracking information and have no way to call these shoespink. Do they even exist?

Vicki Brownville

Tyler – Mar 19, 2020

Victim Location 48911

Total money lost $74

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Panicked about Covid19 & inability to find toilet paper at stores, on 3/17/20 @7:00pm, I googled and found this company & ordered online 2-12 packs toilet paper for $64. 10.00 was added for rush. 2 minutes later, I texted back requesting they contact me before shipping because I may have wanted to change method of shipping.

At 2 a.m. the following morning, I found toilet paper at store for about $13.00.

I texted Shoespink to cancel order.

Nan texted back to say she would cancel if not shipped yet.

I asked why I wasn’t notified, as I asked to be before shipping.

No response.

They sent a tracking number. I attempted to track to determine what time they shipped to compare the time yo the time I cancelled.

Couldn’t track because it shows invalid tracking number.

My stupidity and desperation caused me 74.00. Price gouging.

In the meantime this company no longer responds t

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