Sigtrack Reviews - Sigtrack Scam or Legit

Steven – Apr 29, 2020

Victim Location 76065

Type of a scam Employment

They posted an ad on FB Market that her company was looking for a few people to do work from home. After I contacted them they sent me a email address to contact thru Hangout. Then they did a short interview and said I was hired. Then they started asking for personal information to get started. After I sent my DL I started thinking about it and it didn’t seem right. I told her I could not provide information this way and I would contact Sigtrack. When I went to their website I saw they aren’t taking new people right now and there was o way to contact them.

Clinton –

Victim Location 07712

Type of a scam Employment

I found this website,, which lets you sign up and earn money by working. I signed up, and was told to download the Sigtrack app. After doing so, I began working. Within the app, you can see what "jobs" you’ve done so far and the payments for them. Their rules state that you need to maintain a certain accuracy for their jobs, and you’ll be paid accordingly. After working for several hours, I saw that I had one job worth $1.09. I remember it said 100% accuracy for that job. However, the next day, that was completely gone! I emailed the admin email (the same email address that sent me all the information) and they never replied back; it’s been over a week. I tried to register with the chat room, but it was unable to verify my email address. I used the same email as before, and I get a lot of emails on it, so I know it works. Also, the app is showing that I did a total of 5 jobs. I remember working for several hours and doing way more than that! This scammer attempted to not pay me, so the time I spent working and making money is basically not mine.

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