Russell –

Victim Location 75230

Total money lost $30

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

You are hereby to carry out your survey on Post Office in your area, the parcel for your first shopping assignment task will be delivered today via USPS. please see below instruction to a fellow in completing your assignment task.

You will be evaluating any Post Office in your area. The United State Postal Service is one of a kind with outlets spread nationwide to cater for fast and reliable courier service. The management has been widely criticized for erratic delivery making their service subject of concerns to most customers. Despite strong gains in customer satisfaction in recent years, many traditional retailers’ scores remain below the average for their sector. In particular, some of the nation’s largest retailers had among the lowest scores. It is your duty as an evaluator to thoroughly explore the frailties in their services from top to bottom. The level of uncertainty using their service is on the rise, which creates all sorts of worries for customers.

Your first assignment parcel entails a check of $2,542.00. You are required to deposit the check at your bank then wait for funds to be available before you begin your task. Do note that we deal with banks only, Reason is that we make monthly reports of our transactions and financial activities to the government through the bank, so the records are required.The funds are usually available the next day after you have deposited the check, so you are required to complete your task the next day.


You will Purchase Postal Money Orders worth $2,080, in $520 denomination (4 pieces of $520) from the Post office. You can only make the purchase with bank card/cash. All should be purchased from the same Post office and at the same time.

Amount received: $2,542.00

Money Order: (4 pieces) $2,080.00

Salary: $300.00

Left Over Funds $162,00

Send us an email or a text immediately after you have purchased the Money Order, Kindly proceed with the instructions and complete your assignment as directed in the memo you will receive with the parcel. SEND A TEXT TO (817) 523-8461

Please, note the funds for the survey is geared towards the qualitative human capital, business development, community service, training, and research.


Best Regards,


George White

USA Field Office

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