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Victim Location 80915

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 8/23/19 while on the internet, I received an alert on my computer that my system was being hacked and my compluter locked up. There was a message to call the number on the screen who identified themselves as a Glorbal Support Service through Microsoft. They said they needed access to my computer so they could stop the hacker so that I did not lose everything on my computer. In a panic I did what they said. They said they cleaned up the computer and installed firewall protection for a fee of $199. They also said they were installing a life time security with support for a total of $1800. I told them I did not need it as I have Webroot Protection. They said it was not valid and my firewall protection was turned off on the computer. They also said that I could not cancel their service as I would not get a refund of the money they charged. They proceeded to complete contracts and charged my credit card. I had a scary feeling this was a scam because they would not let me off the phone or have access to my computer. I contacted my bank who checked their company name as well as the service contracts they supposedly signed me up for in the name of BTP GB Websites and Easyweb Solution. The bank said the charges for the service was based out of the Virgin Islands. We immediately closed my account at the bank. I contacted Webroot who did a complete clean up of my computer and deleted any software they installled. I learned a big lesson from this, do not believe these scammers as they will bully and scare you into following their instructions. They were not affiliated with Microsoft and my firewall security was active at the time of their hack. They were the actual scammers who tried to take advantage of a senior citizen. Thank GOD I followed my instincts and called my bank and website provider.

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