Select Office Systems Reviews - Select Office Systems Scam or Legit

Candice –

Victim Location 33414

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They call companies pretending to be your supplier for printer toner/ink. They call to "confirm" your order of black toner ink and they will be shipping it to the address and expect you to pay their outrageous invoice of $*** or more.

Bridget –

Victim Location 32256

Type of a scam Other

Received a call from an employee Aaron Davis who said he was with the company that we currently have a contract with for our printer/copier. He stated there was going to be an increase to the price of our black toner but they had not gotten the notice out in a timely manner and would like to offer the toner to us at the original price. I stated that we had a contract with the company so it would be sent out without any additional charge correct? He stated yes and asked if I would like for them to send it. I said yes, that would be fine and he double checked my email address (he never sent an email). I received another phone call today from another employee to confirm the shipment before they sent it. This time, the employee said he was from Select Office. I told him that the guy I spoke with yesterday, Aaron, said that he was from our contracted company to which he stated "he may be new or something". I told him that we didn’t want the product, and out of curiosity, how much were we going to be charged for the item (mind you, I was told the day before that it was "under our contract and wouldn’t cost anything"). He stated $181, and I said I would like to speak to a manager. He stated he would cancel the order and mark the account to not call and for me to have a nice day. I asked again to speak with a manager. He placed me on hold, came back a minute later and stated he didn’t know how to transfer the phone and to give me another minute. He promptly hung up the phone. Calls came from a blocked number.

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