Scarves Galore and More Reviews - Scarves Galore and More Scam or Legit

Ashley –

Victim Location 44445

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Other

I was offered a position with Scarves Galore and More after responding to a Craigslist job posting. I was called by Deborah Marchand about the position and was requested to meet at the McDonald’s close to her warehouse (which is not listed as the place of business) at 11am to have a chat so she could get to know me and do interview things.

I met her at the McDonald’s, in which she was 30 minutes late showing up, and sat down at a table and talked to her about the position. She said it was an easy job, mostly sitting down, and "cleaning" scarves to be shipped out to her customers. I accepted the job and started work that day.

I followed her to her warehouse and her daughter, Heidi, explained my duties and the procedures of doing the job. Might I note that Deborah and Heidi were the only employees except for a few sales agents she has traveling around the country. Heidi Is a very hostile person and doesn’t know how to properly talk to people. Customers, employees, persons of buisness, her mother, all she was very rude and ignorant too.

I started on a Friday so it was work that day and wait till Monday to start my second day and the next work week. On my first day and most of the second week I was "cleaning" the scarves. By cleaning, I was taking the scarves out of the manufacturers shipping box, removing the manufacturers label, then putting them back in the same box. This was basically preparing the scarves to have their label put on and prepared to be shipped upon order.

After a few days of doing that, I finished most of their inventory and was asked to start adding their labels on and fold the scarves into the size they need to be to then be packaged and shipped. Their stickers read, Made In Scotland – 100% Cashmere – (washing procedure). As she was showing me how to properly do the job I noticed and asked her why it says 100% Cashmere and Made in Scotland.

From my previous days taking the dozens of scarves out of their original packaging, I took of the original labels. All of the labels read 100% Acrylic, Made in Korea. All of the labels had this and so did all the boxes. Right then I knew she was scamming her customers into buying Cashmere scarves that were made in Scotland, when in reality she was buying them in wholesale from a company called David & Young and they were Korean scarves that were 100% acrylic. She said to me that it didn’t matter that it was all the same thing and I told her I wasn’t going to do it and I wasn’t going to continue to work for her company.

She doesn’t require an application or any form of paperwork to have taxes out. After hearing her conversations on the phone I know that she promotes her product at fashion shows around the country, and that she mainly sells her product to small stores and hospital gift shops.

I called the FTC and Ohio Attorney General and they informed me that from what I explained to them that it is a fraudulent business and they are doing illegal things. They don’t know when they can investigate the matter or whether it will happen anytime soon, so i decided this may be the best place to let people know to not get caught up in the scam.

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