Sar & Associates

Roger –

Victim Location 37692

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a letter from a debt collector stating I owed $1450 to another company. I researched the original company and found they have closed business and have actually been found in violation of wire fraud, among other violations. The company the letter came from has apparently sent the same letter to many, many others based on my research. When this company is called, they cannot supply the loan company name or any other information. They only threaten further law suits. Other people have gotten this same letter stating the same amount is owed.

Zachary –

Victim Location 37601

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Company sent a letter thur the mail so i googled the company name and read where it is a scam.

Brandon –

Victim Location 89011

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received this letter from sar & associates in this letter it has my full name and address and the last four of my social. in the letter it says there’s that it has a case against that is is civil litigation for 1450 dollars from some creditor who’s name I never heard of. it also says that I have thirty days to answer the letter or legal action will be taken. I know for sure that this is fraud because I receive phone calls daily about debt collection and attempts to send out law enforcement if I don’t reply. the website ripoff reports scams allow me to look up the case number that they provided and it’s some online college in another state I never heard nor have I ever applied to any online schools, I’m a full time worker and I would never apply to any online schools. I’m a person who is on the computer a lot. I order and pay bills form my computer so I know that my information is out there I have sign the do not call list and I don’t respond to the phone calls with out of state numbers because I know they are frauds. this is the first time iv’e received any kind of letter from this company and I’m convince that this is fraud. I will not answer them. nor will I call them.

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