SPOOF Hourglass Collision

Jon –

Victim Location 43512

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I have a saddle for sale on Craigslist. I am in northwest Ohio. Aman contacts me wants the saddle says he is in Florida and will be coming thru to go to Michigan in 2 weeks. He is getting married. Wants to send money order next day. I have other interest and he says he will send $50 extra if I will hold it. Told him over night the check and when it clears I will hold it. It didn’t come, he sends a text at 1am with this complicated set of Instructions that he is sending the check take out my money and go to Walmart and send the balance to his shipper, Sunday Enubuzor. 6421 Ranch View Road N Maple Grove, Mn 55311. I got suspicious googled the shipper who is a doctor according to his answering machine and has published a book on socialism and he is from Nigeria. Then googled scammers on Craigslist and they warned a out scammers from Nigeria. I texted the the buyer, Lukas, and the deal was off it sounded like a scam and I had reported it to consumer fraud, which I had. Today I get a check from Hourglass Collision Repair Center South for $2000.00. The return address on the priority mail envelop is Creative Insurance Solutions. 2047 Grayson HWY. Grayson, Ga. 30017. I called the hourglass place, no amswery. But it is a holiday weekend.

No one sends a $2000 check for a $500 saddle and wants the balance to shipper. I told the buyer before I got this check that his cell phone number was different, his story was different and I was not arranging his shipping , he was suppose to pick it up himself. I know what it cost to ship a saddle!

I know this is a crooked deal, I really hope someone looks into these people

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