SammyDress Reviews - SammyDress Scam or Legit

Alexander –

Victim Location 65049

Total money lost $36.69

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Beware of SammyDress, this site is a scam! I ordered 4 items and only received credit for 1 item. I have a tracking number from USPS that shows the return I made was received by SammyDress on Nov 3, 2016 yet no refund as of yet. The quality of their merchandise is far below par and communicating with them is a nightmare beyond belief! I will NEVER order from them again and WARN others to approach with caution and be ready to just keep whatever you purchase because you will never be able to get any help except thru Chat and they do not communicate well at all.

Krystal –

Victim Location 76039

Total money lost $5

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The products they list are not even close to what is shipped. They are notorious for stealing photos from other sites and offering a product of inferior quality according to other people off a slickdeal that made it for a horse mask.

Personally, I never received the item after 3 months and their support page is unusable.

Alyssa –

Victim Location 11725

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The scam is from SammyDress (Chinese)online clothes store

These is reason I put chinese in the middle because i have to let you know this store is located in China

I purchased items(7 clothes, coats and jackets only) online and the items i received came in two small bags. All my jackets and coats were compressed and destroyed. I opened up and I realized they were much smaller size than what i ordered except for one item

I request for the refund, but they asked me to send so many images over and over again. they even asked me to find clothes details and send them while items coming from their website. so i did because i wanted the refund. they been delaying over and over so I decided to get help from paypal.

Paypal ended up siding with SammyDress, because their reason is after they decided to give me Refund,

They told me to send item with online tracking information provided, which costs a lot of money

I did it anyways because at this point I just wanted to refund this crap.

They told me to wait until the store receive items back, which will take over 2 weeks because Items going all the way to China (they took over 1 month to send me the item)

But after one week, they ask me to send the picture of item before i sent, I had it but I did not expect to receive this email after one week and they told me to send it over WEEKEND (request sent friday and due date was sunday)

I found this email on Tuesday and sent the information they requested. YET, they decided I did not provide enough information and refuse to send me the refund

both Paypal and SammaDress *** me over

Now I lost the money of clothes, shipping into USA and shipping out of USA, AND items as well

Peter –

Victim Location 60010

Total money lost $40

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Sammydress is an online company that sells womens clothing. We purchased a few items and they charged our account and never received the items. This has happened to almost all of the customers who purchased thru this site. There have been $46,000+ in filed losses so far and that is just from the people who reported them. Please look into this company and shut down their business. They are a scam company who are making money off of the innocent people. The directors name of this company is Jia Dong Xu or rather Miss Zheng Jia. See below for all of the complaints.

Maurice –

Victim Location 70094

Total money lost $22.52

Type of a scam Other

The business I want to report is a website called SammyDress I recently purchased items from this site and I cannot track my purchase or contact the company, AT ALL. The phone number the website provides is not in service and no email is available but the address is in california. I purchase my items over a month ago and haven’t been contacted about my purchase. This "company" has my personal information and I want to make sure this is a actual verifiable company. Thank you

Jill –

Victim Location 83864

Total money lost $98.30

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I believe this is a fake website. They take money for products, but have not delivered anything. When I try to contact customer service it’s busy. When I try to get somebody online it says my order number is incorrect. I cannot get anybody to tell me anything. The tracking number they sent does not work with any known carrier.

Theodore –

Victim Location 17801

Type of a scam Other

SammyDress advertises on Facebook to get you to their site. I purchased items on this site on August 8,2015 and as of Oct. 24,2015 I have not received my order. My credit card was charged through pay pal in August. I’ve contacted them many times and still have not received a response. I’ve recently checked their feedback and this has happened to many people. You order, pay and never receive your order. I would appreciate if you would investigate this company. They are based in China.

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