Salvatore Arena/Facebook Pool

Sandra –

Victim Location 47324

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

they have been texting me almost every day,they talk in riddles and will not answer my questions,strange I know,also I apparently won some money,they originally wrote me out a check of around $2 million and five-hundred thousand dollars,since I did not persue this more the first time they said the longer I wait the smaller the check will get,however they said they would give me another chance but not to waste this check,in the amt. of 150.000,ihave been talking with two people and a lil bit ago talked with someone else.none of any of this makes any sense,i guess iwas talking with someone higher in the company,but I have tried looking up information on this address they provided me with and I can not pull anything up,theres also a claim officer I have talked with in the very beginning,total of four people I have talked with through this whole thing,they almost had they know, where I live my name my mothers name,so stupid never should have given that info out.also there is a head master with this,ive been skeptical the whole entire time.

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