Schultze Boone Associates

Shannon –

Victim Location 94510

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Received a bill in the mail. At bottom it states "full amount of this statement issue upon presentation". Invoice from what looks like a CPA or legal firm. When your start reading it, it is for services from 11/29/2006 for "Filing of client’s correspondence". (I have never had contact with this "firm".) It if for .20 hours and the hourly rate is $40 hour so the Total due is $8.00. On another piece of paper, it states: ATTENTION!!! For your convenience, Schultz, Boone & Associates is accepting … [names off the credits cards] for payment of your retainer and monthly billings. If you desire to to take advantage of this service, we need to have written authorization. I hereby authorize Shultze, Boone & Associates to charge my[space for credit card info and signature and date].

Phishing in the U.S. mail.

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