Ryan’s Mini Dachshunds

Derrick –

Victim Location 57701

Type of a scam Phishing

I started looking for Dachshunds with intent of maybe purchasing. Contacted this "seller" with questions about a puppy listed on their site. Shortly after contacting seller, started getting some "red flags" and asked to get new pictures or a video of the puppy. REFUSED to send a video with out putting down a down payment first! Of at least $300 for a dog I wasn’t even sure I wanted *I was clear that I wanted the video to get a sense of the puppy and is not an unreasonable request*. After then stating that I was concerned about being scammed, he YELLED AT ME LIKE THIS SAYING "I WILL SEND A VIDEO AFTER YOU MAKE A DEPOSIT".

Steer clear folks, this is NOT a safe person to trust your money to and is extremely unprofessional. In hind site, "seller" has absolutely NO information on where they are located. . .

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