Rotech Holdings LTD

Meredith –

Victim Location 76180

Total money lost $299

Type of a scam Debt Collections

This company has been calling me at work non stop, calling my family, my boss at work, ex-family members and disclose private information about myself while making threats to these people who have nothing to do with my financial matters! They called my ex and my father and told them that they were going to serve me with a summons and charge me for check fraud and that I would be going to jail! This had my father in a panic and he was furious, not to mention the embarrassment I had to deal with by their disclosure of my private financial matters! When I finally spoke to a representative, he was extremely rude to me.

He made demands and told me that if I did not pay a certain amount that same day, that they would proceed to serve me with a summons to appear in court. He then told me that I would have to pay all of the court costs, fines and that I would be charged and convicted with check fraud. I mistakingly gave this representative my debit card information and allowed him to draft my account and agreed to set up a payment plan in order to settle the alleged debt. I only did this because he bullied me and threatened me so much while I was at work, I was tired of him calling my boss and everyone else I’ve ever been linked to. When I thought about it some more, I decided to research this company online and to my surprise, there are numerous blogs, bulletins, and complaints that have been filed and reported against this company! They have no right to disclose private financial matters to friends, co-workers and family members nor do they have the right to tell me that I am going to be arrested and put in jail for check fraud! I am outraged and furious with this company and if they really are legit, then they need a training on how to best practices. If they are a legitimate company they would respond in a much nicer way and not treat the person as though he or she were a criminal. If I owe the debt, then I am fine with paying it off. But I do not appreciate all of the phone calls and for them to continuously harass my friends, family and co-workers. Someone needs to put a stop to these people! I made the mistake of falling for their threats and gave them my hard earned money! Do not give these people a dime!! They are just a group of bullies who are trying to scam people who are on a fixed or lower income, and are desperate!!

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