RR Delivery

Adriana –

Victim Location 30303

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I received an email with a word document illustrating the "job description" of reshipping packages with prepaid labels after receiving it. It states that it pays $2500 monthly, and prompted me to apply on their website through the document link, where it asked me my address, school info, and where I worked. The next day, I received a call from a lady, who sounded like her first language was not English, and she told me to log onto my account and agree to the terms and conditions and upload a selfie (head photo) of me with my id. I took a picture, but I only showed my face, and the face on my id, nothing else. The lady then calls back and states that she needs a full picture of my ID. I stated k would not do that, because it had information on it that I did not want to put online. While I was explained why I will only take a picture of my face on the id, she interrupted with a few words and just hung up in my face. After, I tried to log into the account I made on the site, and it was deleted. I knew it was a scam from the get go, just because it sounded too good to be true. I just hope no one else falls for it. Thank you!

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