Erik –

Victim Location 23234

Total money lost $2,766

Type of a scam Employment

Company Manager Charles Henderson found my resume on LinkedIn claiming one of the job recruiting sites forwarded to him. After speaking

on the phone several time he made me an offer.

I am to manage the volume of logistic shippings ( mostly Amazon related). This included accounting for the routing and re-routing of packages throughout the United States. I was to work from home. The compensation was (first month probation) is $2500 plus bonus of $266 my case. I was given a user name and pass code to manage my work. The site and modules looked and worked as expected.

Yesterday my month of probation ended. I was reluctant to give my bank account information so I elected to receive Western union for this first month.

I attempted to sign in only to find my pass-code no longer worked. I have attempted to phone, e-mail company as well as directly to Henderson only to contact no-one. Now the "contact Us" section of the website indicates it cannot not process (customers might use this as well).

>>I am shut out and have lost my income of $2766.

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