RPTIA nationwide services

Logan –

Victim Location 15215

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Consumer applied for loan online, received call from 928-851-3735 by a man named peter. Consumer submitted Social Security Number, DOB, Address, Bank Account Information, Photo ID, and was told to buy two $50 *** cards as payment for loan insurance. After the consumer provided the man the numbers of the ***¬†cards he said the loan funds would be wired into her account within a 1 hour. She called he said the reason the funds weren’t transferred was the federal reserve is forces her credit affordability test and requires the first month payment of the loan in order proceed which was $175. Once the payment was made it would show the federal reserve the consumer could afford the loan and the loans proceed would then be disbursed. When she refused the man now constantly calls her phone several times a day. The loan is for individual with bad credit needed a loan. The website she applied was www.rptia.com

Tonya –

Victim Location 10465

Total money lost $2,407

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

This company called because I was searching for a personal loan. They were offering me a $10,000 loan but I had to show that I can pay the first payment of $328 on a apple I tunes card. They called me four more times for protection payment plan for $480, $428, $500 $500 and $499 to cover my bank fees and wanted me to pay $720 for tax purposes because I live in New York. I immediately told them to cancel my application and refund my money to my bank account. They told me I had to get $380 to cancel. They made me give them the bar codes on the I tune cards that I have in my possession and don’t know if they are valid.

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