Rays Family Parrots

Summer –

Victim Location 30736

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I googled for a cockatoo breeder and Ray’s Family Parrots came up. The website looks very legit, so I texted the number on the page and got some very nice and appropriate responses to all my questions about purchasing a weaned rose breasted cockatoo, which he only had 2 of. The person advised I could come pick up the bird in question and pay cash at the pickup, then a few texts later said the were also talking to another person and that person just put down a deposit, so there was only 1 available. I asked how the deposit was put down since it was cash only, the texter then said I could send the money thru zelle. I advised I did not know was zelle was, I would just pay cash at put up but the texter said I needed to just put down a deposit and I could do a Walmart to Walmart wire.

Please be aware. This site and person is very knowledgeable about parrots and can give the correct answers. Even sent me some pic of some birds.

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