RP company

Marisa –

Victim Location 28315

Type of a scam Employment

I was suppose to get paid by this company and they never paid me and once I told them I never got paid they stopped calling and never pick up my phone calls and don’t email me back. Plus they wiped out my control panel where I was suppose to do my work so eveything is gone now

Katie –

Victim Location 31721

Type of a scam Employment

I have been receiving packages because the position is an operations logistics manager. The weird thing is I haven’t been with them a whole month yet and I have been getting suspicious PayPal credit fraud mail that wasn’t from my personal account they also send some packages with my name and some with other people names and the items can range from iPhones to bed sheets. I tried contacting the company about why I’m getting mail from PayPal they claim it isn’t from them but ever since I started working for them I have been receiving them. I also fear that my home address is out to the open and it may look suspicious on my behalf

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