Royal munchkin kitten

Christopher –

Victim Location 21043

Type of a scam Online Purchase


I purchased a kitten from the Royal Munchkin kitten company via zelle payment. When the kitten was meant to be boarding its flight to me, I received phone calls and emails asking for more money that would supply additional insurance, a different crate, and The breeder also called me to pay additional fee to delivery service I refused it. He hung up and never received my call. It is clear that they are in the same group. The African accent is the same. The kitten, her name is Bella, I was supposed to get delivered today, she is still on their website for sale.

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  1. Thank you for this information because I’ve been communicating with them as well and I decided to look into them because the price seemed to good. I’m sorry this happened to you. I’m so scared of getting scammed also. I have been before in life and never want to feel like that again.

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