Readers Digest – Imposter

Oscar –

Victim Location 77539

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a call from Readers Digest explaining they had been trying to reach me…and the check was about to expire. They knew a lot about my ex-daughter-in-law. Asked me a lot of questions about her family…then when I said I knew them, he told me my full name…and my age. And commenced telling me I’d won a million dollars. To keep is secret for my safety. He hasn’t sent me anything yet – telling me it was under review by the Federal Bureau of Investigations because apparently someone tried to claim my winnings already, so I was on hold…for safety.

They knew my sons ex-family; places in Illinois that I’ve never been. When I kept telling them they had the wrong number – he said…is this Kathleen Sue White? 🙁 yes…that’s me. He said they’d been trying to find me. I don’t know that I"ve lost money yet…I’ll be watching my bank balance. He thought I lived in Hanford…where my son and ex-daughter-in-law lived.

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