Royal Hall Real Estate

Tasha – Sep 02, 2020

Offered 2300 and made you sign all these contracts and fax your License, Signature, and eventually bank info. Their wanna-be professionalism is the red flag this was a scam. They made you undergo a two weeks training in which you automatically pass without getting any feedback. Don’t fall for them, “Royal Hall Real Estate”

Denise – Aug 28, 2020

Victim Location 28202

Type of a scam Employment

They started by saying they saw my cv on indeed and sent me all the details of the position they were “offering” $2300 biweekly payments as broker assistants, then they will send all the hiring paperwork so they can get your personal and banking info. In the meantime they walk you through a “training process” from home and try to get you to deposit some money on bitcoins for them as the last assignment if you refuse they just disappear.

Danny – Sep 02, 2020

YES! Thank you for that, they are a waste of time.

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