Rowland kiss Also Daniel Mwela who the money was sent to via paypal

Wayne – Sep 01, 2020

Victim Location 80902

Total money lost $519

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I contacted him about pitbull puppies for sale and he proceeded to tell me the cost was $500 and that covered puppy delivery and ownership document after I paid him he then proceeded to tell me the company he was using to ship the puppy require an electronic crate that cost $800 and he wanted me to send him $800 to cover the cost of the crate I proceeded to tell him that per our agreement the $500 that was all I needs to send him and he was responsible for the rest of the money to send the puppy he refused to spend the $800 and said that the company would not ship it without the crate I then contacted the airport to find out what type of crate I needed and they said that they did not require an electronic crate they only required a hard tunnel with a metal gate after I told him this he said that the airport was wrong and that I needed to send the $800 I told him no and that I wanted a refund he refused I told him that I was going to contact the authorities and try to get him for fraud scamming and extortion he then proceeded to tell me that he was contacting the agency to tell them I was abandoning my puppy and to bring me on charges of it he then still tried to get me to send him the $800 for the kennel I quit talking to him and I am reporting him in every way that I can

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