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Spencer – Jul 14, 2020

I had almost the same experience as the others. I was asked to pay through Zelle. I had never used it before but my bank used it… the name they used was Roberta Bangura. [email protected] Same scam as calling me when puppy was in air etc. Then communication abruptly stopped.
They used the internet across state lines. Why isn’t this a federal crime?

Brittney – Jun 13, 2020

Victim Location 89149

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was going to buy a German shepherd puppy from this sight for half the msrp. They asked I pay by zelle or vanilla card. After investigating, I saw they stole 600 dollars from a lady attempting to buy a dog. When they try to contact me, I will surely let them know, nice try.

Julian – May 08, 2020

Victim Location 11725

Total money lost $1,918

Type of a scam Phishing

Last week I was scammed by and they have another website On the website I showed interest in "Janny". Within a few minutes I received an e-mail and text message back. In the e-mail were pictures and a poor quality video of Janny. My brother and I then decided to buy my mom a puppy for Mother’s Day. After we made the decision I told the so-called "breeder" we were ready to move forward with the payment. I was instructed to then pay on Paypal. Even though I thought this was secure, he asked me to pay him through friends and family. The day he was supposed to register my puppy for a flight was last Saturday. He said he would send me the flight information by 9AM. I texted him and he said he’s registering Janny for the flight. I then get an e-mail from the airline service, which showed up in my spam, [email protected] which showed fake tracking information. I was still excited so I did not see anything wrong with this. I then get an e-mail from the transporter service saying I need to purchase a crate which was $1100. I did some research and since I only paid $790.00 for the puppy it seemed reasonable and it was through Paypal, friends and family again. Then I get an e-mail stating I need to pay life insurance for the puppy to travel which would cost $1655.00. I then knew this was not right. I told the transporter I am not paying this he insisted I call the breeder. After speaking to the breeder he told me he will check on that. The breeder told me I had to pay and I said I wasn’t. The breeder said to pay $600.00 and then he will pay the rest. I then googled his phone number (910) 888-8019 and all scam associated with this number popped up. The transporter’s number as well, (984) 208-0759. The breeder then made me feel bad saying the puppy is alone waiting for you and basically going to take Janny to a slaughter house. An hour later my aunt pretended to show interest in Janny, and it was the same e-mail I received in the beginning. THIS IS A SCAM and I want the community to know about it.

Tiffany – Apr 26, 2020

Victim Location 21230

Type of a scam Online Purchase

My boyfriend and I have been looking to bring a puppy into our home. With a google search he came across the Royal German Shepherd website (, of course there were a few cute puppies for sale. The website claimed that all the puppies were AKC registered, up to date on shots, and would come with a health guarantee. My boyfriend contacted the breeder via email ([email protected]) for more information on a female puppy named Sweety. The breeder responded and did not use his or her name in the email, they asked very few questions about us and immediately asked for a down payment for the puppy via Zelle. We felt that something was askew so we began asking additional questions and received little information. When asked about who the funds would go to, we were provided the name Romario Reid with email [email protected] They said we could drive from MD to NC to pick up the puppy in the morning at 185 Grover Norris Road, Zionville NC 28698. Before transferring any funds we wanted to ensure we were dealing with a legitimate breeder. We began doing some research and we reversed image searched the puppy and found that the image showed up on another website. When we confronted the individual via email mentioning that we felt uncomfortable and worried that it was a scam and asked for additional information to verify their legitimacy, we stopped receiving responses. This solidified our thoughts that we were dealing with a scammer and so we wanted to report it.

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