Janet –

Victim Location 23804

Type of a scam Other

I found this website online and was in love with the ragdols on their website right away.Then i started to contact the fake breeder right away. I was a little bit uncomfortable since without giving me enough information by email, the breeder rushed me to pay them through walmart moneygram.

After I did a lot of research online, I have realized this is a fake website. Here is why :

1)Any breeder should accept either paypall and creditcard since if something happens to the kitten you buy, you can get your money back This seller only accepts moneygram , it is a red flag since once they got the money, we will never get a chance to get our money back and we will never see the kitten we want to buy.

2) The breeder doesn’t want anyone to visit her cattery to see the kitten since she or he doesn’t have any kitten.

3) The breeder doesn’t offer any address which means he or she doesn’t want people to know where they live , they don’t want to get caught.

4)All the kittens on their website seems super pretty that you can tell they copied and pasted the pictures from other breeders’ online pictures.

5) All the kittens on their fake website are always there and always available and always just one picture of each cat . No kitten has ever been

reserved. Real breeders show multiple pictures of each cat.

6)Selling super pretty kittens at a super low price and the price is still negotiable.

7) Last but not least, I have contacted TICA( The International Cat Association) and was told this so called breeder is not registered with them .But this fake breeder claimed on her or his fake website they are registered at TICA.

After I emailed the fake breeder and confronted everything with him or her, I have never heard back from them.

I do not know the spammer’s address and zip code, so I have to put a random number there as requested so I can submit this claim.

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