Rajesh Kumar Sinha

Website: Os-edge.com
Phone: +1 (707) 228-6943
Suzanne –

Victim Location 20852

Total money lost $53,530

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Since the beginning of February 2018, Rajesh Kumar Sinha was introduced by Levine Gerardo who conducted series of fee scams to us and confessed one day that he was a scammer and doing such criminal work to live and eat. At the time of such confession he told he would introduce a truly legitimate lender instead of him and thus Rajesh K. Sinha was introduced by the scammer.

After having been introduced, Rajesh K. Sinha introduced himself he was a private lender and do deliver the loan fund as he possess significant amount of personal fund. And he told that the only fee he would collect from borrower prior to the delivery of loan would be $1,320 loan application fee and the discussion on $5.0M loan had been started. However during initial conversation on terms and conditions of the loan, he came up other upfront fee requirements such as $3,000 loan processing fees and $2,960 fund transfer fees, etc. We have reluctantly paid such fee in order to swiftly close the loan transaction. On Feb. 06, 2018, the loan agreement and security deed were concluded and validated. But Rajesh K. Sinha did not deliver the fund and resumed claiming that there were additional inevitable fees the borrower must pay prior to the final delivery of loan. The same scams and repeated disputes continued but he never delivered the loan. On July 28,2018, he finally amended the loan amount to $10.0M from previous $5.0M to express his willingness to support our project but requested additional sizeable upfront fees via iTunes Cards.

The new amended $10.0M loan agreement was signed and validated on July 28,2018, but the loan had never been delivered by uncountable number of excuses made by Rajesh K. Sinha. The similar scams with new excuses have been repeated to date as of February 1, 2019, but no rectification of such scammer attitude had been made and naturally the loan fund has never been disbursed. So far, we were scammed $53,530.00 in total as loan fees and as of today, Feb.04,2019, Rajesh Kumar Sinha continues to pretend as if he would deliver the loan immediately after the last upfront fee for fund transfer be completed. This man seems to be origin from India residing in California according to the driver’s license and passport sent to us. He a few times made many toy fake wire transfer confirmations and even fake documents from California State Treasury Department to justify the charge of taxes on the wire transfers.

This kind of so insincere and malicious minded man must be expelled from lending business as it just harms serious people in the society.

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