Roselinlin aka noracora

Darren –

Victim Location 30092

Total money lost $279

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

The pictures on Noracora and Roselinlin are the exact match. None of the pictures on both websites are the actual product that is sent. The sizes ordered do not follow the US size/ Europe size chart. There is no phone number listed , generic responses to emails, and of course no address. Last year I placed order with Noracora for over about 150 dollars. I received 6 dresses that were all extremely small, material used different than advertised, and quality of work is quality of a teenager taking their first sewing class. This year I was ripped off again . I ordered from Roselinin which is the duplicate company of Noracora. There is a definite style that is advertised that is attractive to consumers with my similar style. 30 minutes wtihin ordering I realized what sight this was ( I lost 129.00) . I immediately asked for refund which has been refused.

There is no contact department or address so my bank could contact. should be aware of these companies

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