Frank –

Victim Location 37415

Total money lost $25

Type of a scam Tech Support

I have a RCA tablet that I won last year at a rallying drawing. So it stop working and it was telling me about a boot loader error code 1. So I was calling to see what it mint. We they told me it was out of warranty. So I kind of knew that then he was like they will charge me to fix it. So ok how much. Well he said I need a google play card for $25. Well I thought it was kind of strange. So I got $10 card. Well I call back an they were like we will call you back. Well they call back but asking for $50. I was like no. So I call back the next day. They kept asking can you hear me. Then I was like I said Yes. The. I thought about the scam. Don’t say yes. So this I ask why do you keep asking me this do ypu hear me? Then I was like this is a scram. I’m going to report y’all.

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